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FACEBOOK/Agriculture Delhi GARDENING CLASSES in DELHI Somesh Jha, M.Sc.(Agri.) Plant Pathology ,has been teaching Gardening Classes since 2009.He is active in the sector of Agro, Retail and Agri Business consultancy for more than 15 years and has also served companies like Vishal Retail, Reliance Retail, Aadhaar Retailing(Future Group),Godrej Agrovet Ltd., Pragya (NGO) at various managerial levels

Saturday, 25 June 2011


Cannon ball tree or Top(e) gola or Nagalingam or Shivalingam i.e.Couroupita guianensis flowers.The nature is so beautiful............how come one can resist gardening !!!!!! 
annual seasonal flower seeds for winter such as petunia, calendula, pansy, salvia, dahlia and antirrhinum are supposed to be sown in autumn i.e.october................but what about gardening in SUMMER season !!!!!!!! गर्मी के मौसम में आखिर ऊगायें क्या !!!!!
Portulaca,Gomphrena,Zinnia, Gaillardia, Celosia, Cockscomb, Morning Glory or Kochia bush as seasonal flowers for spring summer sowing

पौधे आप नरसरी से जितने मर्जी ले अाएं ......................................खुशी तो आपको अपने हाथ से लागये पोधे को देखकर ही होगी
Autumn winter season sown flowers in a pattern of purple colored Sweet Williams, Phlox, Coreopsis, Phlox,Sweet Williams, Petunia, Pansy, Coreopsis, Matricaria and Petunia in Delhi
DELHI @ 9910517789
These GARDENING CLASSES in DELHI  are conducted at the Student's Home.
Fees Rs./- for a 2 hour session
Learn about insects and diseases and tips to keep your garden in good health, which plants to sow in which season and from where to buy.
Plant Pathologist visits your premises and help identify the problems faced by your plants
Get information regarding how to take care of your plants, with proper advice on preventive and curative actions to be taken in future with respect to plant care and growth
GARDENING - do u think that this is just a hobby !!!!!!!!!!! It is much beyond just being ur pastime.
US President Barack Obama planting Peepal/Pipal Tree Ficus religiosa in Rajghat,New Delhi.
Planting a sapling or Gardening in your balcony pots is your first return gift to mother earth and your first step towards good health of your family.Do u have Kitchen Garden! Do u have Pots in your home!! Do they have poor growth!!! Are leaves blackened !!!!!!! Are there minute insects!!!!!!!. Space is never a constraint in gardening.Gardening is never ever dependent upon space..........we only need to spare some time to build space in our mind to accommodate gardening thoughts
Often people say"Are u JOKING !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why should i learn GARDENING !!!!! gardening classes is no way of any use to me....Even a child knows about digging a pit and plant a sapling.........there is no point in LEARNING." but do we all know that some plants such as Monstera which are known for their high climbing,lush green and glossy,split or perforated leaves,also change their leaf morphology according to the availability of light.Its small leaves become larger with increase in light availability.Pedilanthus,Sansevieria,Tradescantia, Zebrina,Syngonium and  Alternanthera or Ruby leaf grow well underneath and around garden trees.Ground cover plants at the base of a tree magnifies aesthetic value and beauty of your garden
Learning is no doubt a continuous process .............be it a learner or a teacher.This is very true that all of us know how to plant a sapling,but how many of us really know how to maintain health of those plants which were planted during some intensive plantation drives organized by community groups.How of many of us really know how to take care of house plants,placed in your balcony,terrace or staircase area.गमले में पौधा लगाना You may again say "so what if  they die,i'll buy a new plant".......agreed but how honest one may be when they say "i didn't felt happy to see them grow and i didn't feel sad when the plant which i had bought from a distant garden shop died."
When you have understanding of some basic aspects of gardening,u need not to buy a new plant everytime,u may not require to spend a good amount of your hard earned money on gardening very frequently and that too when some times that spending is not required. 
Plant Enzymes,PLANT SHAMPOOS,Amino Acids,QUICK ROOT Hormones etc.......... Garden Owners – Are we aware how much we spend in maintaining home garden and for what purposes.May be possible that u could have saved that plant of yours and u cannot just imagine the happiness in doing so.
Mealy bugs,Aphids and Mosquitoes r truly a menace.Spraying of Pesticides-ORGANIC or 
CHEMICAL with a Knapsack sprayer of 16 liters capacity tank is a wise decision

Hindustan Times n'paper mentioning Somesh Jha 
Hindustan Times article and a national magazine article mentioning Somesh Jha and his work of conducting GARDENING CLASSES in Delhi
Pot Gardening in DELHI.....my name and tips on gardening in Dainik Jagran SAKHI magazine

GARDENING in whatever form u do......it's always going to be ORNAMENTAL.my name and tips on gardening in Dainik BHASKAR aha zindagi magazine  
my name and tips on gardening in Dainik Jagran SAKHI magazine.Gardening is not just about having some Potted Foliage Plants,rather its all about realizing nature within ur  living premises
Gardening Classes in Grehlakshmi Kitty Party 2016 गृहलक्ष्मी किटी पार्टी में आयोजित वर्कशॉप के लिए

A picture from Grehlakshmi October 2016 magazine p 107 and a picture from Special Issue of Grehlakshmi October 2016 magazine p41
FB page of Grehlakshmi 8th Grand Kitty Party 2016 event and a pic of Somesh Jha.
Women from various professions,housewives and entrepreneur women from their busy schedule come together for a fun filled kitty party organized by 'Grehlakshmi' a women's monthly magazine in Hindi, under the flagship of Diamond Magazine Pvt Ltd, New Delhi
Cookery workshop,beauty workshop and many more such activities are organized in kitty parties. 
A picture from Grehlakshmi October 2016 magazine p 107 and a picture from Special Issue of Grehlakshmi October 2016 magazine p41
Those who seek information on various basic aspects of gardening look for these kind of social gathering events or they search Gardening Magazine,Gardeningforum, 
Gardeninghelpline,GardeningApp,Gardening videos,Gardening teacher and........…so many other sources of information on Gardening in Summer -Spring Sown and also for Gardening in Winter - Autumn Sown.
These information about Garden plant nutrition and nutrient management,
Plant hormones Growth Regulator Stimulant Enzyme PGR,Picture of plants and trees,
Picture of insects keedemakode keet garden pests,Herbal Medicinal Plants Gardens aromatic culinary herbs gardening,Ornamental and flower POT GARDENING,balcony garden and Vegetable Gardening to grow brinjal baingan,eggplant aubergine garden egg,Tomato tamatar tameta,Capsicum SWEET Pepper bell pepper Shimla MIRCH chilli, Karela Bitter Gourd bitterness for your good health are useful in performing our day to day gardening activities
garden egg सफ़ेद बैंगन eggplant ...................Brinjal aubergine baingan is by default the king of vegetables...............................................a poet wrote "khade masur kee dal bhaiya baingan bade mazedar".....................so this PRINCE.....a tiny little eggplant fruit is too eager to enjoy its royal status in a balcony pot garden
enjoy this royal vegetable in whatever form u like....Can u resist BAIGAN KA BHARTA and BAINGAN CHAKKA/tarua PAKODA
Feeling STRESSED - Its time to get rid of your STRESSED MIND with a session of Gardening Classes at ur own home ...yes,u'll find yourself relaxed and more concerned towards plants in ur surroundings...........UNBELIEVABLE na !!!!!!!!!!!!  

GARDENING is a kind of STRESS relieving exercise which makes you Relax and being a light exercise it may help u in shedding those extra kilos.Relaxation and optimum body weight helps keep our blood pressure at normal level......Plants and flowers in offices not only improves the ambience but also keeps its employees happy.
Garden markers,Garden Signs,Planters, Watering Cans,plant labels,pegs,plastic instruction tabs, gloves, hand tools and so many things to name...........................gardening is much more than PLANTING and WATERING.....An aerated container or a concrete pit in office premises can utilize biodegradable waste from canteen kitchen to make compost 


BELA- Jasminum Sambac, GULAB-Rosa sinensis, JUHI -Jasminum auriculatum, CHAMPA-Plumeria sp, CHAMELI-Jasminum grandiflora
PEBBLES and COLORED stones like Glazed pebbles,White Pebbles,Yellow Pebbles, Milky White Quartz Polished Pebbles and Black Tumbled Pebbles e.tc. make our gardens incredibly beautiful,in many of the diverse form of garden you own


LANDSCAPING ROCKS and BOULDERS -Granite,Quartzite,Slate,Marble,Iron Ore,Rock,Lavarock etc.. make our gardens incredibly beautiful
A proven way to bring out the creative artist hidden in ourselves................anytime is good time to begin GARDENING

KAALI SARSON -Ornamental BLACK Brassica 

DO NOT HAVE UR OWN GARDEN !!!!!!!!!!! Do not worry its a "Blessing in Disguise" as an opportunity to serve your society through COMMUNITY GARDENING.
Join a 2-hour Session of GARDENING CLASSES
Get information regarding how to take care of your plants, with proper advice on preventive and curative actions to be taken in future with respect to plant care and growth.
Start beautifying any sort of GREEN BELT or develop community wasteland in your neighborhood to GET PURE FRESH AIR.
Community celebrations is always a magical act to keep a society and social values alive.An ideal example is a weekly event named raahgiri day.RaahgiriDayDelhi is to encourage the use of cycling, walking and public transport in the city.People enjoy bike, skate, run and walk in addition to community leisure activities such as street games, street dancing,yoga, aerobics and zumba dance fitness workout to come together as a community and celebrate life.Manoj Tiwari,MP and ACTOR made one Sunday morning- a good morning by being present on first raahgiriday in Dwarka,Delhi

Do you notice the termite attacks on plants and trees while walking on streets during your participation in raahgiri......... this daag in our nature are not at all achhe na !!!!!. Raahiri Day is also an opportunity to think about health of our plants and our plantations

In nature even the same looking things are different.An example of flower 
Acroclinium roseum or  paper daisy flower in family Compositae have have straw-like petals too.
The pappus bristles in this flower are plumose.

Helichrysum bracteatum or straw flower in family Compositae give a papery feeling when touched 
with hand.The pappus bristles in this flower tend to be barbellate,or plumose only at the apex
Sunflowers come in a variety of petal counts.While the single layer of petals is common, you can find quite a few sunflower varieties with double petal layers.Spring i.e.Feb month sowing season is suitable for growing sunflower or suryamukhi or surajmukhi plants

Why sunflowers are called sun flowers !!!!Sunflowers in botany are named as Helianthus annuus.Helios which means sun and anthos which means flower.Sunflowers respond to the daily cycle of the Sun because of a physiological process called heliotropism.Anatomically,due to turgor pressure of the water against the cell walls of motor cells in pulvinus,a flexible segment of the stem just below the bud,enlarge or shrink.When pressure increases on one side and decreases on the other,that stem responds by drooping or stiffening.This is why Sunflowers always face toward the Sun and hence are called Sunflowers.
Annuals flowers like Dahlia,Gazania,Pansy,Petunia,Phlox and Primulas are sensitive to sowing dates as flowering is in direct correlation to sunlight intensity and duration.This phenomenon is known as Phototropism,which means a plant’s growth response to any light


DAHLIA - Does it require any word of praise !!!!!!!! It is the most appreciated flower in your garden during winter

HOME GARDEN- A small home with a big garden is dream of few.
INDOOR GARDENING- Plants kept indoors really complete a home decoration.
Maple trees and Barberry shrubs are commonly found in the Himalayan regions.Indian barberry or चित्रा Darhaldi or Berberis chitria has green leaves and dark red-brown berries.Boxthorn barberry or Berberis lycium beras green leaves and black berries.Tree turmeric barberry or Berberis aristata have green leaves and bright red edible berries.Maples belong to genus Acer.Maple leaves in opposite leaf arrangement are palmate veined with lobes.Growth of maples trees reaches more than 100 ft height while shrubs of maple are less than 30 ft high
The Himalayan Maple or Pharjanj or Kirmoli or Acer oblongum is unique among Maples as it stays green all winter.Red maple Acer rubrum is known for its red autumn leaves.Gold Spot plant Euonymus japonicus aureovariegata shrub,cherry laurel Prunus laurocera for ornamental hedge,boxleaf honeysuckle Lonicera nitida and box plant Buxus sempervirens for garden fencing in form of ornamental hedge are other plants of economic importance
MEDICINAL and AROMATIC Products are of significant importance in AYUSH - So,do explore Ayurveda and Yoga,Unani,Siddha and Homeopathy atleast for day to day care of ourselves.       

All balcony railing with bitter gourd karela cover.Pusa Rasdar and Pusa Do Mausami are good varieties. 

Vegetable Gardening is an ideal example of kitchen garden.Retail price of Karela- bittergourd with local SABZI WALA in Delhi was Rs.40/-kg during last week of May'14.Varieties developed by private seed production companies like Vinay(Advance Seeds),Jaunpuri(Raunak - Omaxe Seeds) and CS-15 (Chandra seeds) can be seed in home gardens of delhi.

Sponge Gourd .i.e.Plain Normal Tori variety Pusa Sneha and Ridge Gourd Jhingli variety Pusa Nutan are popular,similarly Harika-51TORI from Mayur Seeds and  Jaipuri Long JHINGLI (Krishna seeds) share space in seed markets of Delhi NCR

Start with BEANS n GARLIC as Spring Sown (Feb-March) Summer Crop.Space is not a constraint .
KARELA -Bitter Gourd as Summer Sown (July-Aug) Monsoon (KHARIF) Crop following BEANS

MATAR - Garden Peas -WINTER Crop- AUTUMN (Oct-Nov) Sown taking charge from KARELA -Bitter Gourd.Matar GP 473 n Arkel variety of garden peas.Among private company garden pea Golden Peas GS-10 of UPL company is well known.Matar varieties Pusa Prabhat (DDR 23),Pusa Panna (DDR 27) Pusa Mukta (DDR 55) are used as Fieldpea Matar-PEAS-Protein Carbo r essential alongwith EXERCISE and TRAINING in body building

Antioxidants is a widely used term among skin conscious people.Antibodies are known to protect DNA from mutation and breakdown.Antioxidants are substances that may protect skin cells from the damage caused by unstable molecules known as free radicals.
Pimples are known to be a fear factor among many people.Acne is a common skin disease that causes pimples.Acne is a skin condition that occurs when our hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. Acne most commonly appears on our face, neck, chest, back and shoulders. Acne can be distressing and annoyingly persistent. Acne lesions heal slowly, and when one begins to resolve, others seem to crop up.Depending on its severity, acne can cause emotional distress and lead to scarring of the skin.
Packed with inflammation-fighting nutrients and loads of antioxidants,vegetables like spinach, cucumber, capsicum have a good amount of Vitamin A and C, which helps in reducing acne.Beta-carotene,Vitamin C,Vitamin E,Zinc and Selenium are major substances that act as antioxidants.
Corn,Capsicum,Carrot,Beet Root,Turnip,Asparagus and Melons among vegetables and Peach,Apricot and Mango among fruits are good sources of beta carotene.Vitamin C can be obtained from Straberries,Kiwi and Amla fruits.Spinach and Flaxseed are good sources of Vitamin E.Zinc can be derived from beans

Parsley,Capsicum,Tomatoes,Lettuce and Gherkins in a salad, or a hint of Oregano and Thyme with aromatic basil over over mushroom in pasta during breakfast always make our morning happy na !!!!!                                                                                                                                                  

Iceberg Lettuce,Baby corn,Bell Peppers,Spring Onion,Cilantro and Garlic make submarines(your favourite SUB) amazingly delicious.
BRUSSELS SPROUT - These small TOMATO SIZED CABBAGE like vegetables r really tasty...SOUPS,Maggi,CHOWMEIN,Green SALAD and many more  

Broccoli is a rich source of Vitamin A,K,C and E. Vitamin A helps in regeneration of skin tissues, while Vitamin K, C and E have antioxidant qualities that keep the skin healthy and prevent acne.

Seasoning your cooked food dishes with sage, dill or sowa(Anethum sowa), caraway, mustard,coriander or dhania(Coriandrum sativum) and parsley definitely brings out bold and spicy flavors na !!!!!!!!  
Saunf or fennel(Foeniculum vulgare),vilayati saunf or anise(Pimpinella anisum),kalonji(Nigella sativa),ajwain or carom(Trachyspermum ammi),celery and methi or fenugreek(Trigonella foenumgraecum) are some examples of unavoidable ingredients in our food.
Pizza,Italian rolls,Baked Pasta,Macaroni,Sandwich........what do u like to enjoy these EXOTIC VEGGIES with..............try POT GARDENING in ur BALCONY. 
Fitness mantra for good health since ages.......... eat green vegetables and go gardening !!!!!!!

CHERRY TOMATO - Pizza and Exotic Salads are incomplete without this na !!!!!!!!!

Cherry Tomato plant can be raised in normal garden pots too.
Greenery not only provides us food but also improves aesthetic value of our surroundings.IVY plant Hedera helix leaves are leathery,3-5-lobed and dark green in color.Ivy bears small greenish-yellow flowers.Ivy is one of the most versatile and popular ground cover plants.Its foliage is capable of covering walls and fences
Ivy-leaved Morning Glory or Bhaura or Singa or Ipomoea cairica is common around railway properties.
Also known as railway creeper,its a vigorous grower, developing into a thick, covering mat of vegetation.They decorate our fences, trellises and walls with lush green foliage and colorful funnel-shaped blossoms.Leaves have lobes and it has pink to purple flowers
Flowers are the beautiful part of any garden form

Science says seeing is believing.....Gerbera (Barberton Daisy)-flower is nothing but beauty.

ROSE is the other botanical royalty of Valentine’s Day. U too have booked Roses and Cut Flowers for ur Valentine na !!!!!!!! During Victorian times, flowers were given special meanings and small bouquets would be given to friends and lovers in lieu of notes or letters.No other flower inspires more sentiment than the rose. A symbol of love, beauty and peace.
In Banjaran variety the colour is a blend of gold and flame red. The red softens to flame pink in later stages whereas,the colour of Ganga variety varies from pale yellow to gold

Spiritualism says feeling is believing..........the aroma of Gulab-ROSE can only be felt.Rose is a popular cut flower.Yellow Rose - peela gulab Pusa Pitamber variety has  attractive golden yellow coloured flowers with sweet fragrance. Produces very big bushes. Very good for gardens and exhibition purpose. Tolerant to powdery mildew and black spot.It may produce 30-40 flowers/plant in season

Gardening can be experienced through seeing and feeling the beauty of PANSY/Monkey Flower can be enjoyed more when u grow with your own hands.Therefore,gardening is a hobby for some and passion for others

Gardening adds happiness to our hectic competitive life.EXPERIENCE it to BELIEVE it

Kids are simply crazy about Gardening.They wont stop even when u say "Do NOT touch the SOIL your clothes will get DIRTY". But above statements used during parenting are signs of concern for future.
Therefore the time has now come that every Indian,whether in Urban or Rural areas should make attempts by spending sometime with children particularly in the age group of 3 yrs to 10 years and teach them about nature.

India has witnessed a Green Revolution but the present generation is very much aware that there are far better career options than to work in the field of Agriculture.Above statements used in parenting are signs of concern for future.Therefore the time has now come that every  Indian,whether in Urban or Rural areas should make attempts by spending sometime with children particularly in the age group of 3 yrs to 10 years and teach them about nature.
Just let kids play around pots in your balcony,kitchen garden,home garden or terrace garden.

Make them familiar about basic aspects of nature.
1.SOIL has various meanings in our day to day life. 

1.A builder says this is dead material fulfilling his construction inputs. 

2.A gardener says this provides nutrients to my plants. 

3.A philosopher says soil is just another world- comprising all entities living and non-living.

Therefore,whether soil is living thing or non-living thing,let's ask ourselves.
So,let's come closer to soil,be close to nature and we can find ourselves NATURAL.

KIDS r ready for Vacation HOBBY Gardening Classes na !!!!!!!!
GARDENING is a learning FUN for KIDS......let's bring them more closer to nature.

When kids generate interest in gardening,they not only r able to understand basic aspects of plant science but also start understanding ecology.They are able to understand the importance of good health through healthy foods.It is normally seen that children do not like to eat fruits and vegetables.When they get to know that pomegranates, purple carrots, black grapes, peaches, and beets contain flavonoids like anthocyanins which are high in antioxidants.It helps maintain blood flow to the skin.Potassium rich fruits like banana,papaya,watermelon and peaches rids our body of the excess water and salt and also helps normalize BP.This kind of knowledge  helps children to develop interest in healthy food.This instinct is definitely going to make our children environment conscious besides scoring better in school tests.




Nature is surprising, amazing and wonderful in sacred groves which are community protected forest fragments of significant cultural,emotional and religious association.For example Vrindavan has three sacred groves namely Nidhi Van, Seva Kunj and Kishore Van.Nidhivan is being diminished due to the monkeys and rapid urbanization.There is a requirement to revive it soon.It is spiritual belief that everynight Lord Krishna himself appears here to perform ‘raasleela’ in his invisible form.These trees are nothing but the form of ‘Gopis’.During night they perform maharasleela with Bhagwan Krishna and Radha Rani.It is said that anybody who lived in Nidhivan there after sunset,either died or became mad.The plants growing in Nidhivan in Vrindavan,Uttar Pradesh.Vrindavan town draws its name from Vrinda or Tulsi plant, the mythical partner of BhagwanVishnu.The plant species in Nidhivan may not be found in documents but they look like Celastrus paniculatus,Cephalanthus tetrandra,Mallotus philippensis,Jasminum arborescens,Capparis zeylanica,Some of these species have seemingly declined during recent decades and now highly threatened.

ECO CLUB initiatives like
1.Planting trees,
2.Keeping their surroundings clean,
3.Waste management,
4.Minimize the use of plastic bags and
5.Visit to Nature Trail in Wild Life Sanctuaries/Parks/Forest areas to learn about our biodiversity. 
The picture is of a GIANT WATER BUG insect.These bugs,Lethocerus sp.  are the giants of the bug world - adults may be up to seven centimetres long.While feeding it positions itself head-down on a submerged plant stem and hunts by ambush, taking tadpoles, small fish, frogs, snails and aquatic insects. It catches prey with its grasping forelegs before piercing the  body with its sucking mouthpartsSome species possess a venomous bite which they use to subdue prey and are occasionally known to bite humans, resulting in a burning pain that can last several hours.
KNOWLEDGE ENRICHMENT thru Gardening Classes 
EVS Environmental Studies or Environmental Science in school syllabus includes Plants, Parts of Plants, Stem, Root, Flowers, Fruits & Seeds, Uses of Flowers.GARDENING CLASSES is any easy way to have an understanding of these aspects 
Red and black striped flower beetle can be seen on weed plants Black beetles with bright red coloration on the forewings are commonly seen individually or in groups at the terminal portion of the plants during their flowering stage.These blister beetles of Mylabris species are often crop pests which feed the flowers and reduce the number of pod in case of pulses like arhar dal(Pigeon Pea or Red Gram) plants
Monark butterfly (Danaus plexippus) LARVAE and PUPAE


Life cycle of Monark butterfly (Danaus plexippus) on Aak (Calotropis procera) - A weed with medicinal value

Some common butterflies can also be seen during various seasons.

Are Rats-chuha-mouse,Squirrel ,Birds really a threat to your ornamental balcony pots !!!!! a no of rat gum baits are available nowadays 

Cockroach,mosquitoes,houseflies,silverfish and stored grain kind of household pests sometimes become a menace

Chemical Fipronil 0.05 % GEL-HIT Anti-Roach gel brand from Godrej is a good example of Anti Cockroach Gel.People working in fields may carry insect repellent Roll On while at work.

A chemical DEET(N,N-Diethyl-m-Toluamide IP 50% w/w) brand name "Jungle Formula" insect repellant Roll On is an example of mosquito repellant.
In your garden u may grow some plants which have natural capacity to repel mosquitoes.


Garden size,kind and layout should be CLEARCUT before selecting plant for Landscape design.


ZINNIA,gaillardia and PORTULACA- common summer flowers in Delhi homes.Portulaca grandiflora ,commonly known as Moss Rose,a semi-succulent annual flowering plant are happy during heat of summer.

Gomphrena Gul-e-makhmal गुले मख़मल Globe Amaranth consist of numerous individual flowers that appear as one globular shaped flower
gomphrena is also an annual summer flowering plant seen during summer but is sown during spring
kochia bush or कोचिया Kochia scoparia or Bassia scoparia or Mexican Fireweed Shrub Summer Cypress seedlings can be prepared during on the onset of spring season i.e basant ritu and kochia saplings may be transplanted after few weeks
Kochia bush or Summer Cypress or Mexican Fireweed Shrub or Bassia scoparia are used as a pot in balcony,staircase area and front garden.Landscaping background for beds and borders is also done by using kochia plants
Besides Portulaca,Gomphrena,Zinnia,Gaillardia and Kochia bush,one can also go for Morning Glory

Morning Glory flowers present a beautiful look to surroundings of sea.Beach Morning Glory or Goat's Foot or Ipomoea pes-caprae a common pan tropical creeping vine can be seen in coastal regions

During summer we can have ornamental vegetable garden too.Colocasia leaf rolls-bhajia batter-Patra Pakoda from Arbi Patta-monsoon is the best time to enjoy these tender large, heart-shaped ARVI taro leaves na

Colocasia includes several species of tuberous perennials.Colocasia esculenta is a tropical plant grown primarily for its edible corms


We all like SEASONAL annual winter FLOWERS
Garden Poppy presents a colorful paradise.Eschscholzia californica is also known as California poppy,while Papaver orientale - common red garden poppy

WATERING regularly during WINTER reduces frost injuries and in SUMMER it provides optimum microclimate 


3.Partial Sun Plants


PALMS-Fish Tail and Cycas
Palm-Cycas-Sago palm
Bismarckia Palm
Palm-Royal palm, Bottle palm.
Fish-tail palm, Jaggery palm.
Palm-Zamia palm
Palm-Bunya-Bunya-X-Mas tree like
Pam-Fan palm, fountain palm.
Palm-Christmas tree, Norfolk-Island tree


Simplicity in its Attitude along with potted plants and foliage garden

Pusa Basanti Gainda produces medium sized lemon yellow flowers.

Pusa Narangi Gainda variety of marigold produces deep orange flowers with ruffled florets.It flowers in 135-145 days after sowing.Marigold Pusa Arpita variety produces medium sized light orange flowers

Celosia plumosa /COCKSCOMB/Woolflower/Red Fox is one of the flower having feathery plumes representing a group having common name as Cocks comb.U too R ready for Spring Gardening na !!!!!!!


1.Aglaonema sp.-There are quite a large number of aglaonemas grown,though they all look rather alike.Aglaonemas make compact little plants,developing a sort of trunk as they age.The plant does not require to be very well-lit,but will not be happy in a too dark position.


2.Araucaria excelsa or Christmas Tree or X'Mas plantThese grow slowly and do not need much repotting.It makes a very elegant small tree for indoor selection.It should be given a very well-lit position and should be turn around at intervals,so that the growths remain symmetrical.If the plant is left in the same  position,the shoots will all tend to grow towards the light and the attractive symmetry will be lost.

3.Scindapsus sp like monstera,pothos and money plant vineIt is sometimes mistakenly labeled as a Philodendron.Money plant is represented by two genus namely Epipremnum and Scindapsus.
Exotic Green Money Plant Oxycodium when mounted on moss stick or a Monster Money plant Epipremnum sp.climbing a large tree in your vicinty always look nature's ornamental beautification.A moist atmosphere and a well-lit but shaded situation are what this plant requires.This climbing plant does not develops the yellow markings on its leaves,when the situation is too dark.
4.Schefflera actinophylla - These plants are happy in intermediate condition of light and shade.

The leaflet radiate around the stalk like the rays of a light,it is extremely interesting to see the plant improve yearly.

5.Dracaena and Cordyline are common houseplants having woody stem and sword-shaped leaves.Various types of dracaena plants such as cornstalk draceana,marginata dracaena,elegance cane,deremensis and fragrans can be used in outdoor and indoor gardening.
Dracaena sanderiana or Lucky bamboo look beautiful when kept in ceramic pot or glass container.

6.Cordyline terminalis plant has a fountain of very broad leaves which curve slightly at the tips.They are green with thin red margins.During the summer they may be kept outdoors too.These are low growing shrubs with oblong oval leaves.They are not difficult plants to keep in good condition and though they survive in intermediate conditions,there is every reason to suppose that they would survive the winter without damage.

7.Ficus sp.-The plant will survive in shady conditions,but has no no objection to light.The plants contain a milky latex.

8.Sansevieria - This will not require great quantities of water,although it should be provided in moderation when the condition of the soil calls for it.The plant has very thick,tough,leathery and erect leaves that are usually about 18 inches high in well-grown plants.These leaves are 2-3 inches wide,and have a very thin green margin with a yellow stripe next to it,while the center of the leaf is grey-green with transverse bands of a darker color.

9.Tradescantia -These are easiest of all indoor plants to grow.The plant does best in a well-lit situation but does not like direct sunlight.The leaves spring directly from the stem in some species.

10.Philodendron xanadu-These are climbing plants and they produce aerial roots at every leaf- joint.They can be grown under cool condition,although it will prefer the warmer intermediate temperatures.Now, we are familiar with these indoor plants,few things to be kept in mind are not to provide excess water and not to overfeed with manures and fertilizers to avoid frequent re-potting.Feel the spirit to realize that indoor plants are really forever fresh goodies for decorating a beautiful home or a vibrant office.
11.Anthurium andraeanum or Flamingo flower have glossy heart-shaped bright red flower bract look beautiful when kept in ceramic pot or glass container 
Are you planning an Indoor Garden
Indoor garden plants live under forced environment condition of our homes, offices or any other premises where they are placed. Therefore, it requires a regular monitoring schedule to observe all aspects for healthy growth of plants growing indoors.

1. Potting and repotting
The soil in pots should be loose and friable to provide better aeration for  roots. The pot media with a 3:1:1 proportion of coco peat, vermiculite and  perlite  is suitable for most of the common house plants. Do not forget to make hole in the bottom of container for drainage. The top soil of pots with bonsai plants should be covered with moss on top to maintain moisture. Sandy loam soil with pH range between  6.5 – 7.5 is normally suitable to plants.

2. Choose the right location
Large plants like ficus, araucaria, raphis palm, areca palms, pony tail palm, cycas palm and rubber plant better fit in corners. Medium sized plants like dracaena, cordyline, acalypha, and crotons can be placed near furniture.Jade, begonia, succulents, cacti and bonsai can be used on tables, windows and shelves. Money plant, philodendron, syngonium and spathyllium can be used as bathroom plants besides moisture loving plants lik ferns.

3. Nutrition management
Nitrogenous, phosphoric and potash fertilizers in granular or liquid can be applied to pots regularly. Rhizobium, azotobacter and nutrient solubilizing bacteria can be applied as organic management practice.

4. Water management
Take a pinch of soil to feel dryness and moisture to water accordingly. Too much moisture and doo dry soil, both are harmful. Direct flooding can be done in case of large plants like ficus, araucaria, raphis palm, areca palms, pony tail palm, cycas palm and rubber. Use water can for medium sized plants like dracaena, cordyline, acalypha, and crotons. Apply water by misting through hand sprayer for small pots.

5. Insect management
Spray registered pesticides available in market on fortnightly interval to prevent insect attack. Neem based botanical insecticides can be used as they are eco-friendly.

6. Disease management
Home remedy like a pinch of turmeric powder in 1 litre water can be used as preventive spray to reduce incidence of fungal diseases. Copper and sulphur based fungicides are available in market which might be required to treat a disease. Trichoderma sp. and Pseudomonas sp  are used as botanical fungicides.

7. Pruning and training
Pruning and training a operation which is necessary to keep plants in shape. This can be done in hard wood plants like crotons and ficus. This should be done regularly in case of bonsai.

8. Plant Sanitation
Remove all fallen leaves from pots and throw them outside in compost preparation area. Any dead leaf, blighted leaves and those with disease spots should also be removed as they serve as inoculums.
They are eggs and younger stages of insects like scales and mealy bugs. The twigs and other plant portion with these insect stages should be cut and removed.  

9. Plant growth regulators
Use  cytokinin based and seaweed extract based enzymes to make plants grow faster. Triacontanol  and brassinolides are new generation growth promoters.

10. Separation of suckers
Suckers of plant like aloevera and chrysanthemum can be separated after cutting. These can be planted in new pot to make a new plant. Similarly, bulbs of lilies can be separated during lean season.
The above mention tips will help in making your plants healthy. More plants multiplied during pruning and dividing will increase green area with healthy plants. So, plan your indoor garden with these easy tips.

Soil is a natural dynamic body.It's a medium of plant growth which supplies moisture,air and nutrients to support plant life.Soil is composed of mineral and organic materials and livings forms in which plant grows.
                             Soil organic matter represents an accumulation of partially decayed and partially synthesised plant and animal residues.On decomposition organic matter supplies nutrients,increases Water Holding Capacity in light textured soil and increases porosity in heavy textured soil.
                            ORGANIC GARDENING or FARMING involves specialized organic fertilizers and insecticides made from soil and plant extracts.Soil organic matter plays a important role in the maintenance and improvement of soil properties and it is a dynamic material and changes continuously as a result of microbial activity.It can therefore be maintained at a reasonably stable level both in quantity and  quality by means of suitable additions of new organic materials
ORGANIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rajma Kidneybean,Chhole Chana Chickpea,Masur dal Lentil,Dal Fry Arhar Redgram,Dal Makhni Urad Blachgram and Mungdal,Besan Kadhi Pakoda,Plain Rice,Fried Rice,Jeera Rice,Matar Rice,Veg Pulao,Veg Raita,Boondi Raita,Salad Pickle or any sweet dish.......whatever you like to eat you can get it ORGANIC !!!!!!!

Are we aware how much we spend in the name of organic,without ascertaining whether it's from a certified source or not.Imagine our daily cost of living when we begin our day with ORGANIC TOOTHPASTE and go to bed with a ORGANIC PROTEIN supplements.Our ORGANIC OFFICE TEA,organic snacks and ORGANIC COLD DRINK.Organic POP CORN while watching movie.Wish everybody could afford this and we would never ever become ill.No CLINIC EXPENSES, a lot of SAVINGS and a all time HAPPY LIFE.Let's not forget our lifestyle is our choice,we have to decide.  
ORGANIC or CHEMICAL source is a matter of choice...........let's not forget our lifestyle is our choice,we have to decide.

Organic food is grown and processed without any chemical fertilizers,pesticides or fungicides without allowing anything artificial but yet u may have to spend more money than the normal products available in markets.
Let me share an example of Kanak-gehun-wheat.It is observed that the production COST of 1kg of Wheat produced by farmers is approximately between Rs.15-16/kg.When people go to purchase Wheat,they may have to spend between Rs.25-28/kg.

Think one step ahead in reason of prices of organic food products.

The reason for high prices of ORGANIC VEGETABLES, growers claim that organic farming is labour-intensive and the farmers have to use all the traditional methods like multi-cropping,making manure from cowdung and neem,plucking weeds manually

Mealy bug,Aphid,Stunted growth,Blight Disease,Powdery Mildew,Ants,Mites,Termites are never a challenge for those who r just crazy about Gardening.
For organic gardening practitioners its like ORGANIC LIVING and NATURAL THINKING.

Organic VEGETABLES in Balcony Gardens are gradually replacing ornamental pots plants 
Karela helps in detoxifying blood and also maintains healthy blood sugar level.It improves digestive system.
KARELA Bitter Gourd covering all balcony space.Retail price of Bittergourd Karela in Delhi markets during mid May,14 reach upto Rs.40/-kg. Space is never a constraint in GARDENING...........KNOW UR PLANTS for ur HAPPINESS
NUTRITION RICH FOOD PLANTS some of these are used during vrat fasting
Kulthi Kulath Gahat Horse gram or Macrotyloma uniflorum variety VL Gahat 19,tur dal arhar tuver or pigeon pea or Cajanus cajan variety VL Arhar1,rajma KIDNEY BEAN Rajmah or Phaseolus vulgaris variety VL Rajma 125,Masur Lentil Masar Dal or Lens esculentum variety VL Masoor 129 are popular in mountain belts

Rajgira or chua or ramdana or jhangora or amaranth or Green Amaranthus .ie. Amaranthus frumentaceus variety VL Chua 44,swank or samo seeds or madira or morio or bhagar or Samak or Barnyard Millet or Echinochloa colonum variety VL Madira 207,kuttu or ugal or kotu or buckwheat or Fagopyrum esculentum variety VL Ugal 7,Ragi or mandua or MADDUA or Nachnis or mandal or Finger Millet or Eleusine coracana variety VL Mandua 324 are also gown widely in hill region.
Flour of Corn Maize as Makka atta and other flours of above crops such as kuttu atta,mandwa atta and samo chawal are consumed.

Garden plant nutrition and nutrient management

ORGANIC or CHEMICAL source is a matter of choice
Often you may wonder why the seasonal vegetables plants in your home garden do not flower.U start guessing problems in your garden.Many a times you feel that growth of our garden plant is slower than you expect.

Many of these kinds of problems can be  overcome by use of Micro nutrients and Plant Growth regulators which are easily available in market.  

PLANT SHAMPOOS,Amino Acids,QUICK ROOT Hormones etc.......... Garden Owners – Are we aware how much we spend in maintaining home garden and for what purposes.

Triancontanol 0.05 % ECTriculan/MiraculanCrystal Phos/Dow Agro
Triacontanol 0.05 % GranulesSpeed Up/Active GrDhanuka/Insecti India
Ascophyllum Sea Weed Extract based enzymeCryovita/BiovitaCrystal Phos/PI Indus
Cytokinin based enzymeNanozim/DhanzymeBIOSTADT/Dhanuka
ANA 4.5 % SLSuper Fix/PlanofixIndofil/Bayer
Gibberelic AcidPro Gibb/CryzibSumitomo/Crystal Phos
Humic AcidNimhumeNimla Organics
Nitrobenzene(Combi. of Nitrogen and Sea Weed Ext.)MorchaNimla Organics

NPK fertilizers and MICRONUTRIENTS
Macro and micro nutrients for basal application as customized fertilizer are popular.Tata Paras Farmoola Sugarcane is an example in the category of customized fertilizers.It contains N 7%,P 20 %,K 18% and S 6%,Zn 0.5%,B 0.2 %.
Tata Paras Farmoola Sugarcane was initially priced at Rs.610 per 50kg bag.Its recommended basal dosage in sugarcane is four bags per acre.
NPK 12 32 16(e.g.complex fertilizer in GRANULAR form,IFFCO 50 kg MRP Rs.1060/- ) contains N 12 %,P 32%, K 16 %

NPK 19 19 19(e.g.Sujala,RCF);NPK 20 20 20(e.g.Shriram SHAKTI) and NPK 0 52 34(e.g.Shriram SAATHI) are Water Soluble Foliar Fertilizers and are readily taken up by plants
Water Soluble Foliar Fertilizer or other CHEMICAL fertilizer (e.g.Urea,DAP,potash etc.) or ORGANIC (e.g. Azotobacter,Phosphorus Solubilizing bacteria or Potassium PSB) is a matter of availability and choice
MICRONUTRIENTS like Zinc Zn,Copper Cu,Iron Fe, Manganese Mn and Boron B are imporatnt.They have roles like Zn-Transformation of Carbohydrates;Cu -Fruit growth;Fe - Formation of Chlorophyll;Mn-Metabolism;B- Seed and fruit development

POT GARDENING - sowing in POT GARDEN of BALCONY GARDEN..............U too R ready with vegetable seed shop bills na !!!!!!!!!!!!

FLOWERS  in pots simply change the whole look of  your premises.

Flower lovers can go ahead with Calendula,Babuna Margeurite daisy,Dahlia,Calendula,Dog flower Antirrhinum,Salvia,Alyssum,Marigold Genda,Chrysanthemum,Pansy,Petunia,Stock,Phlox,Carnation,
Gladiolus,Lily,Cornflower,sweet williams,Dianthus,Ice plant,Aster,Hollyhock,nasturtium and many more
When we think of growing vegetables at our own for our kitchen garden,we start concerning about space.Frankly speaking,believe me,space is never a constraint in Gardening.You can begin gardening in ur balcony,common staircase area,corridor,windows and many such spaces.

WATER LILY- Hardy Lilies are perennial, and found in white, yellow or red. A wide pot of 14-16 inch size ,made of fabric with 25 - 30 litre water is good.Plant the rhizome on the edge of the container at a 45 degree angle, exposing the crown

Garden pots,Clay pots,Terracotta pots,Colorful ceramic pots and utensils made of white cement,ceramic pottery flower pots in various animal shapes like frogs, peacock,elephant,turtle,snake e.t.c. are always center of attraction in any of the garden forms.

We often keep searching Garden-accessories..n..GARDEN-PRODUCTS related shops in DELHI/Gurgaon
Those looking for home delivery of gardening products may try 8130290449 Sh.Sumit Sharma or reach any of the shops mentioned below near to your garden.
Nr.Pul Bangash Metro Station,opp.Roshnara Park
1.Master Seeds
3754/5,Clock Tower,CHOWK BARAFKHANA,Nr.Pul Bangash Metro Station,Delhi
2.Safal Agro Seeds
3682, Main Bazar, Old Subzi Mandi, Delhi
3.Farm Chemicals India
18a, Opp Indira Mkt,main Bzr,old Sabzi Mandi, Kamla Nagar, Delhi
4.Raunak Seeds - 011- 23822356
115,Indra Market, Main Bazar, Old Subzi Mandi, Delhi
5.Janus Agro 011- 23821985
3675,Main Bazar,Old Subzi Mandi, Delhi,opp.KAMLA NEHRU park
Bhogal Road,Nr.MOOLCHAND-Jangpura
1.Kitchen Garden Centre
80, Bhogal Road, Bhogal,opp.Bank of Baroda,Nr.ASHRAM, New Delhi
2.Ram Kishore Sons
25, Bazar Lane Bhogal, New Delhi

Lado Sarai
3. Ankur- The Green Dream
F-328, Ladosarai, M.B.Road, New Delhi

ADHCHINI,Nr.Hauz Khas Metro Station
4.New Garden Centre
A-1, Adhicini, Aurbindo Marg, N.Delhi
5.Garden Hut
99, Adhichini, Aurbindo Marg, N.Delhi

Mehrauli Sabzi Mandi
6.Goel Krishi Store
906/8, Main Market, Mehrauli New Delhi
7.Kharbanda Krishi Store
889/8, Main Market, Mehrauli New Delhi

Garden Aids India,011-28754554
1099/13,Hari Singh Nalwa Street,Faiz road,Nr.JHANDEWALAN metro st.KAROL BAGH

1.Gardener's 011- 65702545
3-4/10, Gopinath Bazar, Delhi Cantt., N.Delhi
garden products shop for those who live near IGI airport

Kathuria and Co. - 011- 64626411
1472/5,New Bhagat Singh Market,opp.Health Centre,Najafgarh,Delhi

1.Bansal Khad Store
Bara Bazaar, Basai Road, Gurgaon
2.Amarjit and Company
Bara Bazaar, Basai Road, Gurgaon
(a specialized shop for BONSAI tools and related products)
VRIKSHA ,46,Gopal Bari,Lane 2,JAIPUR,Rajasthan Mobile- 09829215249
Often people put question - How to start a garden ....how to take care of home garden....how to take care of plants......how to take care insects in my garden ?.In answer one may try following steps

STEP-1.Decide type of garden

Nowadays, people like theme based gardening


1.1.ORNAMENTAL BALCONY GARDEN - Beginning with new pots of Ornamental Plants that too with ORGANIC FERTILIZERS and ORGANIC PESTICIDES in Delhi generally costs around Rs.300/- approx.for each 8 inches diameter(22 cm) normal plastic pots.


GARDEN/Khet/FARM/Orchard Health n Protection Kit help a lot like a FIRST AID Kit for our PLANTS

So, start growing vegetables at your own and enjoy delicious home cooked food from home grown fresh veggies.

Most green leafy veggies contain plenty of fiber, which helps slow the rise of blood sugar after eating.We have a lot of options of green leafy vegetable and sag during winter. Makki dee roti n sarson da saag among favourites.Mustard variety Pusa Sag 1 is of good quality.

Palak,Methi,Bathu,Chaulai red and green leave can be easily seen at vegetable shops.Palak Spinach have various names like All Green and Pusa Bharati.Spinach soup helps release gas from the intestine.

Virginia spinach is also popular.Pusa Early Bunching Methi fenugreek make good paranthas.
Pusa Lal Chaulai and Green leaved pusa kiran r good.
Beet root Chukandar variety Crimson Globe is good in taste.Retail price of Beetroot Chukandar in Delhi markets during mid May reach upto Rs.40/-kg
Purple Top White Globe  Turnip shalgam is very common in  markets.Among various kinds of Mooli i.e.Radish,Pusa Chetki and Pusa Rashmi are popular.Pusa meghna of Cauliflower gobhi for parantha make good combination with salads from Golden Acre variety of cabbage.
Carrot has Vitamin A and beta-carotene, which keeps acne at bay.When we make carrot a part of our daily diet, it will help to reduce acne faster.black Carrot variety Pusa Asita is suitable for sowing from September to October in the Northern Indian Plains. The roots are ready for harvest during December-January. Maturity in 90-110 days.Carrot variety Pusa Rudhira is known for its good taste and high juice content.Nantes variety of carrot are widely used in kitchens.orange Carrot hybrid variety Pusa Nayanjyoti is sown during April-August in hills and in November-December in the Northern Indian PlainsGajar ka halua mil jaye to kya kehna.Carrot is a wonderful salad crop rich in nutrients like carotenoids and minerals. Pusa Payasa is a cream coloured variety of carrot.
Radish are also available in various colors.Pusa Gulabi has pink color and Pusa Jamuni variety of radish is a purple colored variety rich in anthocyanin.
Corn, Beans and Squash are planted together in such a way that they aid each others' success.

Tall corn stalks provide support for beans to climb.

Beans is suitable for growing in all regions.Dolichos bean -SEM varieties like Pusa Sem-2 and Pusa Sem-3 are popular.Pusa Sukomal and Pusa Komal r varieties of Cowpea-LOBIA bean.

Beans, through their symbiotic association with a type of root bacteria, fix nitrogen from the air into a form that non-leguminous plants can also  use.

Majority of plants use nitrogen either in non-mobile ammonium form (NH4+) or mobile nitrate (NO3-) form.Nitrogen(N) is transported from the root to the shoot via the xylem in the form of Nitrate (NO3-).Urea is the major nitrogen (N) form supplied as fertilizer.Some anonymous literature mention that 50-60 % of N applied as foliar urea are absorbed in potted plants within 3 days of application.In case of foliar applications,urea after absorption into leaves,is broken down to NH4+ and then assimilated into amino acid,which are then translocated to tissues.Nitrogen present in Urea fertilizer will hydrolyze to ammonia prior to uptake by plants.Through the mass flow process,nitrogen present in root soil of root zone,moves with water toward the root.Urea is decomposed or hydrolyzed enzymatically in soil to ammonium form.NH4+ is often changed to the NO3-form by soil bacteria,which results in nitrogen loss.Nitrate nitrogen also can be lost to the atmosphere through denitrification(nitrate reduction) when soils become water saturated.This is mainly because Nitrate nitrogen(NO3-) carries a negative charge and is not adsorbed onto soil particles,hence, is free to be leached from the soil. Loss of nitrogen from the top layer of soil (leaching) does not occur in case of Ammonium nitrogen (NH4+) as it carries a positive charge and is adsorbed onto soil particles.Some products like nitrification inhibitors decrease denitrification rates(inhibit conversion of non-mobile NH4+ form to mobile NO3-form).When Nitrogen remains in Ammonical form for longer period,its quantity and  duration of its availbility to plants also increases,otherwise the negatively charged nitrate is repelled by the negative charges of the soil and is readily leached when water passes through the soil.This way we can reduce the loss of N.The ammonium form of nitrogen in long-term can lower soil pH,while calcium carbonate based nutrition product can increase pH over time.

Squash - large, ground-hugging, prickly squash leaves shade out weeds.

Summer season food calls for vegetables which are said to act as cool item for our stomach,Bottle Gourd is a good example in this category.

bootlegourd - dudhi-Long Ghia- LAUKI varieties like Pusa Naveen is a popular choice.Among GOL Ghia round varieties Pusa Sandesh is a chosen one.

Other vegetables which can be chosen for sowing during feb-march in Delhi are Ashgourd Petha,Pumpkin-Kaddu,Kakri and ,Round Gourd-Tinda and Okra-Bhindi.

Retail price BHINDI -okra with local SABZI WALA in Delhi @ Rs.40/-kg during last week of May'14.

Many varieties of Okra Bhindi are available.Some examples are Pusa A-4,Parbhani Kranti,Arka Anamika and Hybrid Ganga. Okra Pusa A-4 is a high yielding variety.

CTC Tea,Green Tea,Leaf Tea,Iced Tea and Herbal Tea.........there are so many forms of tea which make our morning a good morning.Three cheers for all tea collectors in tea gardens across the globe and thanks for bring to us......an ultimate beverage....Chai Tea - the first drink and often the first thing in morning for billions of people

The retail price of various brands of CTC tea chai patti in retail markets of Delhi during 2014 were Brook Bond Red Label 1 kg MRP Rs.336/- @ Rs.276/-; Tata Tea Premium 1 kg MRP Rs.346/- @ Rs.314/-;Tata Tea Gold 1 kg MRP Rs.412/- @ Rs.377/-;Tata Tea Agni 1 kg MRP Rs.225/- @ Rs.200/-;Taj Mahal 1 kg MRP Rs.441/- @ Rs.380/-.
Green Tea Bags cost between Rs.3/- to Rs.5/- each.A pack of normal(not ORGANIC GREEN TEA) may be available between Rs.1200/- to Rs.1500/- for 1 kg.On the other hand,normal CTC Tea may cost between Rs.200/- to Rs.400/- for 1 kg packing
Green Tea,Mint and Lime when mixed helps in digestion,headaches and also regulated blood sugar level.How about sipping a cup of tea with out adding cured leaves of the tea plant(Camellia sinensis).
There are a number of options in this kind of beverage(Herbal Tea) such as Chamomile Tea,Lemon Grass Tea and Mint Tea.Mint Tea (Pudina i.e.Mentha arvensis) helps soothe mild nausea, control the spasms and cramps that normally accompany diarrhoea. It can help improve digestion and is recommended for cough associated with allergies and chest infections.

There are several commercial varieties of mint like Menthol Mint (Mentha arvensis),Pepper Mint (Mentha piperita),Spear Mint (Mentha spicata),Scotch Mint (Mentha gracilis) and Bergamot Mint (Mentha citrata)

Lemongrass Tea (Cymbopogon citratus) helps dilate the blood vessels to increase the flow of blood and is also effective as an antibacterial and digestive.

Lifestyle choices affect our sleep.Chamomile Tea (Matricaria recutita or Matricaria chamomilla) when used before bed time, can reduce the symptoms of anxiety, calm the nerves and also induce sleep.It also has anti-inflammatory effects when used in skin care.

These plants have very prolific small, sweet smelling, daisy-like flowers,which are  used commercially for chamomile tea.

Mosquitoes hate the smell of Mint, Citronella (Cymbopogon nardus),edible Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus),Rosemary and Marigold(GENDA).,so we may also call these plants and natural mosquito repellant plants.
Mentha mint pudina,Curry patta leaf plant,Chilly,Bell Pepper,Capsicum Shimla mirch,Zuchini Squash,Cherry tomato,Green Onion,Coriander dhania is all to name which we always wish to pick fresh from our balcony garden pots during winter


BASIL  Ocimum basilicum is a popular herb known for its flavorful foliage. The fresh or dried leaves add a distinctive flavor to many foods, such as Italian style tomato sauces, pesto sauce and salad dressing. 

Exotic HERBS
Basillemon balm(MINT fam)asparagusPalak- Baby spinach
chervil curledOreganoBrocolliPotato
feverfewRocketBrussels SproutRadish
garlic chivesRosemaryCabbageTurnip
Kaffir limeSageCapsicumRhubarb
Lady's MantlethymeCarrot


Cherry Tomato

Chinese Cabbage

Exotic Pepper








CURRY PATTA- CURRY LEAVES are capable in treating piles, blood disorders, cooling body temperature and many more.
DO u still buy them for Rs.20/- a handful of leaves from VEGETABLE Shop !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Why not have a POT in ur BALCONY at home

Urban Gardening people usually prefer to grow vegetables,herbal n medicinal plants,aromatic and mosquito repelling plants along with seasonal annual flowering plus ornamental foliage

Tulsi- the sacred basil plant is a common example in spiritual gardening.It is also a widely used medicinal plant.Tulsi is a wonderful detoxifier.It has historical significance too.

STEP-2.Select Plants and planting material
e.g.Seeds for Peanut and Rhizome for Turmeric planting

Name of FlowerSOURCE
Aster                    10 gm pkt seed
Calendula             10 gm pkt seed
Candytuft                       10 gm pkt seed
Carnation/Dianthus10 gm pkt seed
Cornflower           10 gm pkt seed
DAHLIA              10 gm pkt seed
Dianthus               10 gm pkt seed
Digitalis cineriaria  10 gm pkt seed
Dimorphotheca     10 gm pkt seed
Ice Plant-Baraf            10 gm pkt seed
Pansy                  10 gm pkt seed
Petunia                10 gm pkt seed
Phlox                  10 gm pkt seed
Salvia                  10 gm pkt seed
Stocks- Matthiola 10 gm pkt seed
Begonia                     Plant from Nursery
Bird of Paradise          Plant from Nursery
Gerbera/Daisy             Plant from Nursery
ROSE                       Plant from Nursery
Tuberose                   Plant from Nursery

Petals of seasonal flowers r also used for making decorative structures like floral animals and birds

ALLYSUM - A flower good for baskets,groundcover as well as pots

CALENDULA - A flower good for,ground as well as pots

2.Cuttings for plants like HIBISCUS,Bougainvillea and POINSETTIA

How do u feel enjoying newspaper in your own garden !!!!!!!!!  
JASUD/China Rose/ARHUL/Hibiscus - the colorful choice of the masses on the globe of gardening

Dark purple black stain extracted from hibiscus flowers is used to make hair oils to prevent greying of hair.


Poinsettias plants are grown for their brightly colored bracts.

Poinsettias that are grown outdoors often reach 8-10 feet tall

 Poinsettia Red is quite popular and often high in demand for balcony gardening.

Another plant chosen for their coloured bract is Bougainvillea.Spinel red bract color changing to roseine purple gives beautiful look to Vishakha variety of Bougainvillea.When you replace your old boundary wall BAMBOO FENCE with these Bougainvillea,it gives a feeling that Ruby Spinel Gemstones have covered the boundary wall of your house.

 Bougainvillea varieties like Summer time,Sonnet and Spring festival varieties are popular.

Bougainvillea may be gaining Top position in the list of AESTHETIC INDEX among landscapers.

Late flowering types can be pruned after flowering.The growing tips of young bougainvillea plants in pots should be pinched for desired shape and size.leaves of Stanza variety are ovate bracts chrysanthemum crimson,free flowering   and suitable for bush cultivation.



        STEP- 3.Prepare design and layout of garden

STEP-4.Soil Testing and Soil Conditioners

GARDEN OWNERS - Do we ever try to find out why the soil in our garden appears like thisIs it anyway going to make any effect on beauty of our garden !!!!!!!!!!

SOIL - Non- Living construction material for Engineers and a world full of living micro-ecosystem for gardeners
Take a pinch of soil from pot between your fingers and try to feel it's stickyness.This will give the basic idea to distinguish among different kinds of soil.Detail study lets you learn about various physical,chemical and biological properties of  Soil.Soil has various profiles as shown in the picture of soil from a field in Punjab,India.

SOIL HORIZON - Every color has it's own story...get ur soil tested to know more .KNOW YOUR SOIL for your happiness........KNOW SOIL COLOR for a healthy garden.......
STEP-5.Prepare hard and soft Elements of Landscape 


STEP-6.Carry out sowing and planting

Soil should be treated with soil conditioners and Planting material should be treated with fungicides and insecticides,through ORGANIC or CHEMICAL methods. 

 1.Alkali Soil- Lime content is high-Treat wih GYPSUM
 2.Acidic Soil-pH is recorded less than 7 - Treat with LIMESTONE
 3.Saline Soil-Excess quantity of salts are observed.
The above three are major types of soils found in Indian Gardens.
Lime CHUNA- a Soil Conditioner for acidic soils


Garden Owners - DO CONDITIONING OF SOIL.....according to your plants,type of garden and location.GYPSUM - a soil conditioner for prevention and correction of sodicity of soil.When exchangeable sodium percentage (ESP) of sodic soils is too high,the calcium present in GYPSUM replaces the sodium held on the clay-binding sites. The sodium can then be leached from the soil as sodium sulfate to an appropriate sink

Premium AzospiIPLAzospirillium LIQUID
Premium AzotoplusIPLAzotobacter 
Premium Azoto IPLAzotobacter LIQUID
Premium RhizoIPLRhizobium LIQUID
Premium PhosphofixIPLPhosphorus SB LIQUID
Premium Potash activeIPLPotash Solubilising Bacteria
Premium Potash ActivaIPLPotash SB LIQUID(KSB)
Premium Zinc ActivatorIPLZinc Organic
MildownIPLBacillus subtills LIQUID   
Halt BiostadtBacillus thuringiensis 5 % WP
Bacticide Biotech IntlBacillus thuringiensis  Israelensis
Phasal RakshakIPLPseudomonas fluorescens 2.0% A.S.  
BactvipeIPLPseudomonas fluorescens LIQUID  
BioharzIPLTrichoderma Harzianium LIQUID   
SanjeevniBiotech IntlTrichoderma Viride 1%WP  
Vertifire-L IPLVerticillium lacanii 2.0% A.S  
NematofreeIPLPaecilomyces lilacinus 1% WP FUNGUS
KalichakraIPLMetarhizium anisopliae WP
DamanIPLBeauveria basiana 1.0% WP  
Myco-JaalPCIBeauveria basiana 10 % SC  
Neemarin 1500Biotech IntlAzadirachtin 1500 ppm
Neem BaanPCIAzadirachtin 300 ppm
Biovirus-HBiotech IntlNuclear Polyhedrosis Virus (NPV) 
Biovirus-SBiotech IntlNuclear Polyhedrosis Virus (NPV)
BiotrapBiotech IntlPheromone Trap
Biolures SLBiotech IntlPheromone Lure
BiogrammaBiotech IntlTrichogramma species (wasp)
Bioperla Biotech IntlChrysoperla carnea (Green Lace Wing)
Insect Pest says to crops - "ha ha ha ........ab dekhta hoon tumhe mujhse kaun bachayega,tumhare RAKSHAK ko to mere fans ban kara denge"
Crops - "Bachao....Bachao.......Help......Help"
Farmer 1 - "Chinta mat karo mere paas prakartik astra hain"
Crops - " Uske CERTIFICATION karane tak to hum mehnge ho jaayenge.........phir hamse bana
anaj log kharidenge.....waise hee MEHANGAI MAAR JAATI HAI"
Consumer 1- "Haan maine kharida tha, aam bikne waalon se 25 per cent tak jyada paise lagte hain"
Consumer 2 -"ARREY to kya hua BIMARI aur DOCTOR se bachne ke liya kya tum ITNA BHEE NAHEE JYADA Budget mein kharcha naee kar sakte"
Consumer 1 -"Haan AGAR meri SALARY AUR INCOME bhee 25 per cent rise hotee toh na"
Crops again cry- " OMG ye PEOPLE to apas mein hee ladaai kar hain ab bhala mera kya hoga"
OPTION - 1 - e.g.HERBAL EXTRACT for 1 Acre Spray
(1 Kg Garlic + 200 gm Tobacco Leaves + 200 gm Washing Powder) CALCULATE COST and FEASIBILTY.
OPTION-2 - e.g.Dichlorvos 76 EC(DDVP)- Buy 250 ml for 1 Acre
Which one would u like to go for .............
ORGANIC or CHEMICAL source is a matter of choice

Vermicompost वर्मीकम्पोस्ट Earthworm Manure केंचुआ खाद is nothing but the excreta of earthworms, which is rich in humus and nutrients.Vermicomposting is the process of turning organic debris into worm castings which contain high amounts of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium and provide approx. 5 times the available nitrogen, 7 times the available potash  and 1 ½ times more calcium than found in good topsoil.Add earthworms केंचुआ to a mixture of cow dung and kitchen waste.Keep it for 3 MONTHS-Earthworm culturing should be done under shelter to avoid direct sunlight and heavy downpour.Cover the bed with Gunny cloth .Sprinkle water over the cloth periodically to keep gunny cloth wet.Turn the compost after every 20 days

VERMIWASH Preparation
Vermiwash is a collection of excretory products and excess secretions of earthworms, in form of a liquid collected after the passage of water through a column of worm culture.Foliar spray of vermiwash is known to produce vigorous growth and significantly higher  yield in plants

Keep 2 kg of earthworms+ 1kg organic manure+ in 1 Matka Earthen Pot with 2 litres water.
After evey 2 days collect water from this and use Dilute in 10 liters water or cowurine gomutra for Nutrient spary.
black and red beetles of Mylabris species
INSECT management
SPRAY by 15 lit Knapsack Sprayer
2 litres COWURINE + 100 ml NEEMOIL+  Fill with Water
SOIL Application by NEEM Khali based Organic Manure
DISEASE Management
SPRAY by 15 lit Knapsack Sprayer
30 gm TURMERIC POWDER+ Fill With Water
SOIL Application
25 kg Organic Manure + 1 kg Trichoderma+ 1 kg Pseudomnas for 1000 GAZ area
ORGANIC Fertilizers for NUTRIENT Management
150 gm RHIZOBIUM in 10 kg Compost for 1000 GAZ area for Nitrogen
400 gm P.S.B.(Phosphorus Solubilizing Bacteria)in 10 kg Compost for 1000 GAZ area for Phosphrus
500 ml Panchgavya (milk, curd, ghee, dung and urine of cow)
+ 150-200 ml extract of Ritha fruits and Neem leaves
+ 300 ml cow urine (collected earlier) to make 1 lt biopesticide
Apply 1 lt/100 lt of water 30-45 days after transplanting.
To MAKE 150-200 ml extract of Ritha fruits and Neem leaves
[50 ml Neem leaves extract + small quantity of gur + fermented wheat flour + 100 ml extract of Ritha]

CHHOLE Bengal Gram,MATAR Garden Peas,KIDNEY BEAN Rajmah and CHICKPEA Kabuli Chana,ONION-Piyaz,RADISH-Mooli,SPINACH-Palak and FENUGREEK Methi SEEDS..........what is ur GARDENING plan during WINTER for Pots and Ground

RAJMA plant -Kidney Bean -Missing Rajma - Chawal --yes ur favourite Rajmah is suffering from disease

CHICKPEA-Gram-CHANA are mainly of two types.Black colored small grain Bengal Gram and White colored Bold grained Kabuli chana

Jukini-Zuchini-Summer Squash are immensly popular as one of the major constituent ingredient of fast foods.Chowmein,NOODLES,Salads,PIZZA n many more such dishes......how they'd give taste without YELLOW or GREEN SQUASH/Zukini/ZUCHINI

 SQUASH/Zukini/ZUCHINI plant can be grown in home gardens.

Flower crops like Rose,Chrysanthemum,Carnation and Gerbera are highly remunerative when cultivated in climate controlled green house.The application of artificial photoperiod in short day crop increases flower yield.

We often find black tiny insects called Aphids,sucking plant cell sap and thus causing damage to plant.These can be sprayed with chemicals like Tolfenpyrad 15% EC(PI Industries) or Pymetrozin 50% WG(Syngenta).
Chrysanthemum Guladaudi variety Pusa Chitraksha produces single flowers that are deep magenta in colour.The Plants are bushy (24-30 branches), tall in height (60-65 cm) with excellent spread (60-65 cm).Another good variety but with yellowish pink flowers,named Pusa Anmol produces three flowers flushes in a year (October-November, February-March and June-July) as against one in a majority of the cultivars.


Pusa Centenary,Pusa Kesar,Pusa Aditya,Pusa Sona are some other popular varieties of Chrysanthemum Guldaudi.
Garden........big or small,with vegetable or ornamental......will always add happiness to your life.
Lawn grass roots demand oxygen.In good soil,they get the oxygen from tiny pockets of air trapped between soil and sand particles.Mowing,watering,pesticide and fertilizer applications on a routine basis is a great way to get fast, smooth and healthy green area

1.Prepare Lawn


2.Lawn aftercare and management
1.Routine Maintenance, Levelling of the grass with the help of grass cutting machine. Pruning and watering as required in various climatic conditions.
2.Maintenance of grass, including cutting of grass whenever required.
3.Inspect all plants including lawn for disease or insect damage weekly. Treat affected material 4.immediately with prescribed insecticides and fungicides.
5.Immediately remove any dead or dying plants not in a vigorous thriving condition.
6.Planting of seasonal flower by hybrid seeds of different type of flower in summer & winter in the existing flower beds.
7.The type of seasonal flower could be planted is as below:
Dahliadouble, Aster Hybrid, Dianthus, Calendula, Sunflower, Guldaudi, Marigold, Zinnia, Dog flower, Balsam, Kochia, Gailardia, Sweet alyssum, Petunia, etc.
8.Maintenance permanent plants pots.
9.Pruning and cutting of the plants whenever required.
10.The lawn grass should be maintained thick, cushioning. The appearance should be greeny and free from weeds.
11.Uprooting weeds and rake vegetation so that garden is clean and free from weeds round the year.
12.Providing support and grooming the shrubs.
13.Trim all trees and shrubs to establish desired form, habit and appearance
14.Make “Thala”(a soccer type shallow soil pit around the tree for aeration, proper watering) for each and every tree. 
purple colored Sweet Williams,red Phlox,yellow Coreopsis,maroon Sweet Williams,white Petunia,colorful Pansy,ang golden Matricaria make your flower bed eye-catching when they flower during spring season  
Landscaping does not always mean only complex ideas.Sometimes,simple ideas also beautify our surroundings.Garden beds can be transplantes with Seasonal flowers in Nov. last week in Delhi
This is what we call accomplishment of primary objective.Garden Landscape bads may appear like this in January last week in Delhi
Your garden may appear like this in March last week.Seasonal Flowers like purple colored SweetWilliams,Phlox,Coreopsis,Phlox,SweetWilliams,Petunia,Pansy,Coreopsis,Matricaria,Pansy,Petunia
Cocopeat,Vermiculite, Perlite, Neem Cake, Vermicompost, Fertlilizers like Urea, DAP,Potash, Organic Fertilizers like Azospirillium,Azotobacter,Rhizobium,Phosphorus solubilizing bacteria,Potash (K) solubilizing bacteria,Organic Pesticides like Bacillus thuringiensis,Trichoderma viridae,Pseudomonas florescens,Neem Oil,Chemical pesticides like Chlorpyriphos,Malathion Powder,Carbendazim,Mancozeb,Plant Growth Regulators like Humic Acid, Nitrobenzene and Plant Enzymes are used for AFTERCARE and MAINTENANCE OF GARDENS.
VEGETABLE GARDENING can be successfully managed by integration of non-chemical and chemical insecticides.
For example, Chlorfenapyr 10 SC (Lepido,PI Industries) is used to manage Spodoptera caterpillars.Several borer kind of larvae can be managed by applying Flubendiamide 39 SC(Fame,Bayer;Fluid,Dhanuka)Very early instar stages of larva may be managed by applying Emamectin Benzoate 1.9% SC(Billo,Crystal). Leaf sucking insects like Red mites may be managed by using Etoxazole 10% SC(Sumitomo Chemicals),Danfuron (Danfuron 240 SC,Dhanuka) or Propargite 57 EC(Omite,Dhanuka;Simba,PI Ind).Imidacloprid 30.5 EC(Super Media,Dhanuka; Pollard,Bharat Insecticides) can also be used.
Powdery mildew disease may be managed by application of Azoxystrobin 23 % SC (Amistar,Syngenta;One Star,Dhanuka) or Flusilazole 40 EC(Nustar,Du Pont;Cursor,Dhanuka).Many other plant diseases may bemanged by using combination formulations like Carbendazim+Flusilazole(Lustre,Dhanuka).Several
Leaf blight diseases may be managed by using Metiram 70 WG (Sanit,PI Industries;Polyram(Bayer) 
The judicious use of chemical pesticides is increasing in all crops as more and more new formulations are reaching markets very frequently.Trials for efficacy, studies  of new  agrochemicals  for  domestic  consumption ,imports, indigenous manufacturing for exports of new pesticides  and combinations are gradually on rise in Indian pesticide scenario. Some examples in this category are combination formulations insecticides ( Acetamiprid 0.4% + Chlorpyriphos 20% EC); (Chlorantraniliprole 4.5% + Abamectin 1.8% SC); (Cypermethrin 10% + Indoxacarb 10% SC);( Ethiprole 40% + Imidacloprid 40% (80 WG); (Thiamethoxam 12.6% + Lambda Cyhalothrin 9.5% ZC ); (Fipronil 40% + Imidacloprid 40% WG) alongwith Chlorfluazuron 5.4% EC; Cynatraniliprole 10.26% w/w OD;; Diflubenzuron 2% Gr; Dinotefuran 20% SG(Osheen,PI Ind); Flonicamid 50% WG; Pyridalyl 10% EC; Spiromesifen 22.9% SC(Voltage,PI Ind).Some new entrants in the group of Insect Growth Regulators are methoxyfenozide, tebufenozide,Chromafenozide 80% WP(Dodger,PI Ind) and fufenozide for lepidopteran larvae along with halofenozide for beetle and lepidopteran larvae.
When we think of fungicides in this pool,examples are combinatinations like ( Ametoctradin 27% + Dimethomorph 20.27% SC); (Fenamidone 10% + Mancozeb 50% - 60 WG); (Iprovalicarb 5.5% + Propineb 61.25% WP) alongwith Cyazafamid 34.5% SC; Famoxadone; Metalaxyl M 31.8% ES and Tebuconazole 5.36% FS.
Some examples of pesticide and agrochemical  manufacturing companies active in these kind of innovations are BASF, Bayer,Syngenta, Sumitomo, Du Pont, Chemtura, UPL, Gharda, Dhanuka and PI Industries 
How to Grow ROSE in Pots -requires a lot of care

Rose flower do not bring thorns always.The short to medium stature bushes of pink coloured Pusa Komal variety of Rose GULAB are completely thornless. The variety possesses strong stems with multiple flower buds arranged in different heights, which open in a sequential manner. The pink coloured buds are pointed in shape and unfurl in to double flowers. The variety produces very attractive pink coloured flowers. This variety is moderately tolerant to threats like thrips,powdery mildew and black spot diseases.

Rose - Gulab- the flower every house wants to own.It comes in numerous varieties.Pusa Arun produces  dark red, large sized, double blooms on strong and long shoots.Pusa Gaurav has large sized flowers of deep pink color,produced on long stems.

Pusa Ajay and Pusa Shatabdi are other variety with pink color flower.ROSE -To have healthy and good sized flowers from roses, their irrigation should be quite timely as with the onset of summer season, they require more frequent watering. Other cultural practices should also be carried out regularly, only then we can prolong the flowering period of roses.
Keep on removing the dried, diseased shoots and root suckers. Water the beds twice a week for proper health of the plants.
Pusa Mohit is also thornless, red petals with lighter shade on the reverse side of petals, tolerant to black spot.Major  flowering of the rose will be over during April-May. Keep on removing the faded flowers and suckers from the root stock. Timely watering, weeding and  hoeing will keep the plants in good conditions 


Pruning of  roses is done  during OCT-NOV for removing the diseased/dead and criss- crossing branches. The cut ends should be treated immediately after pruning or spray the plants.Hoeing of  rose beds, removal of suckers and  application  of  FYM  near  base of the plants after exposing roots is done in this month.Check  the  attack  of  scale  and  other soil borne insects. Irrigate the plants after application of FYM.


Pusa Manmohak is a mid maturing variety flowering in about 100-105 days

Gladiolus are truly beautiful flowers. Mohini variety is an early mid season flowering variety.

Pusa Kiran variety of Gladiolus has white colored florets (16-19) on long sturdy spikes, early variety, flowers in 75 days.

Gladiolus varieties like Pusa Shubham,Pusa Unnati and Pusa Srijana are popular

Gladiolus variety Pusa Shubham produces cream to yellow colored florets (14-16) on long spikes.This is an early variety, flowers in 72 days. Compact spikes with vase life of 10 days


It does not makes any sense to share some of good old days,when i used to live in Arunachal Pradesh,but i do remember............whenever i see an Orchid plant
I was successful to touch an Epiphytetic orchid plant, growing naturally in it's God..made ecosystem,only after getting bitten by several Leeches and Ants.Leech live in natural river streams,cross-able...on foot while ant nests were found on base of host tree.Nowadays even in Home Gardening people r growing orchids in pots..with lot of attention and care.Terrestrial orchids like Arachnis and Mokara can be grown normally in pots with soil,farmyard manure,dried leaves and charcoal as pot mixture.

Epiphytetic Orchids like Dendrobium and Vanda may be directly..tied to a thick stem piece of tree like Mango,Bauhinia or Gulmohur.Tree bark,dried fern,brick pieces and leaf mould can..be..used as potting mixture.Orchid pots can be placed in area where sunlight is available during morning or evening.


Salam Panja (Dactylorhiza hatagirea)-a Terrestrial orchid (Left) and dried PurpleDendrobium a Epiphytetic Orchid flower(Right)



VERTICAL GARDENING - Garden like a wall
Add a new dimension to landless Gardening
White Anthuriums,Pink Rose Flower and White Carnation Flower Basket look wonderful
CARNATION Dianthus - Pink for a mother's love, red for admiration and white for good luck.Reduce anxiety,stress and fatigue by brewing carnation petals for a mind blowing tea
Commercial method to increase productivity of flowers and vegetables is through adoption of protected growing methods.

POLYHOUSE of 200 micron thickness UV Stabilized and SHADE NET- GREEN - 50 % UV Stabilized are popular especially in such crops that are responsive the photoperiods and light acclimation (physiological adjustment) to produce more number of stems and flowers per unit area.

Production technologies for tomato and cucumber are now available with farmers,which are developed by keeping in view the biotic and abiotic stresses.

Cucumber and Tomatoes are cultivated majorly under two types of protected structures namely,naturally ventilated greenhouse and insect-proof net house.

Plastic protrays are used for growing seedlings in Plug Tray nursery raising technology

In certain off-season vegetables like cucurbits,after transplanting seedlings,individual rows are covered by making plastic low tunnels with 1-1.5 ft dimensions.Transparent plastic of 20-30 micron thickness is used in this kind of plastic low tunnel cultivation technology.

Thin transparent film for soil solarization,black film for weed control and perforated mulch for rainy season are used.Plastic film (25 micron) may be seen in vegetable cultivation.
15 micron LLDPE (black) provide better moisture conservation and reduced weed growth,1 kg film can cover 26 sq. m.

Soil color is primarily affected by soil type and composition, not so much pH. For instance, organic-rich soils (dark brown or almost black, which can be moderate pH) tend to be darker than organic-poor soils (light brown, lower pH), which in turn tend to be darker than high mineral content soil (such as sand, higher pH).

Reds and yellows are common colours in soils and are the result of small quantities of iron compounds. The red colour is particularly associated with (Fe2O), whereas the yellow colour may indicate the presence of this same iron compound combined with water (hydrated iron oxide). Red colour indicates that the soil is well drained, but locally the colour may be derived from a red source rock such as a red shale or sandstone. 

Grayish and bluish colours in soils of humid climates often mean the presence of reduced iron compounds (such as FeO) in the soil and indicate poor drainage or bog conditions. Grayish soils in dry climates mean a meagre amount of humus: a white colour may be a result of the deposit of salts in the soil. Although some recently formed soils retain the colour of the parent overburden or bedrock, the colour of fully developed soils is independent of what lies beneath. 

The soil reaction could be Acidic,Neutral or Alkaline.It influences the soil properties like nutrient availbility,biological activities and soil physical conditions.Soil reaction is expressed in pH.
Saline soils is recognised when the pH reading of a saturated soil paste is less than 8.5 and there is presence of white crusts of salts on the surface.Saline soils contain soluble salts in such quantities that they interfere with the growth of most crop plants.Salinization generally occurs in the regions of arid and semi arid climate.
Sodic or Alkali soils are those whose pH is usually more than 8.5.Dispersed and dissolved organic matter present in the soil solution may be deposited on soil surface by evaporation ,thus causing darkening and giving the term black alkali.

SALINE-SODIC soils are found as a result of the combined process of salinization and alkalinization.As long as the excess salts are present,appearance and properties of these soils are genenerally similar to saline soils and pH remains seldom higher than 8.5.If the excess salts are reached downwards,the properties of these soils are changed considerably and it becomes similar to alkali soils.
Amelioration of Soils
1.Physical and Hydro-technical amelioration-Deep ploughing,Sub-Soiling,Sand filling ,profile inversion.
2.Biological - Addition of Organic Manures to improve water infiltration and release of CO2 during decomposition.
3.Chemical-Addition of Lime or Gypsum.
NPK i.e.Nitrogen,Phosphorus and Potassium are three major nutrients which a  plant seeks from soil.Many brands of readymix formulations of NPK fertilizers are available available in markets
NPK 12 32 16(e.g.complex fertilizer,IFFCO.50 kg MRP Rs.1060/- ) granular form for soil application may be applied before sowing @ 250 per 10 GAZ or approx.10 sq.m or approx 100 sq.ft garden bed area at the depth of 5 cm below seed

Water Soluble Foliar Fertilizer 19-19-19 NPK e.g.Sujala (Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd).Another example is NPK 0:52:34 Mono Potassium Phosphate,a water soluble fertilizer for foliar application contains two essential plant nutrients i.e. Phosphorus (52% P2O5) and Potassium (34% K2O).It promotes profuse flowering and fruit setting in vegetables

NPK 19 19 19(e.g.Sujala,RCF);NPK 20 20 20(e.g.Shriram SHAKTI) and NPK 0 52 34(e.g.Shriram SAATHI) are Water Soluble Foliar Fertilizers and are readily taken up by plants Water Soluble Foliar Fertilizer or other CHEMICAL fertilizer (e.g.Urea,DAP,potash etc.) or ORGANIC (e.g. Azotobacter,Phosphorus Solubilizing bacteria or Potassium PSB) is a matter of availability and choice
 Some are meant of Soil Applications,while others are for Foliar Spray Applications.
NPK- Nitrogen from UREA,Phosphorus from DAP and KCL(Potassium) from Muriate of Potash MOP are commonly used for fields.

UREA.........can we really live without this straight nitrogenous fertilizer.'N'- NITROGEN is a part of Chlorophyll and all proteins enzymes - a major ELEMENT in plant growth.Among organic sources of Nitrogen, Rhizobium inoculants help in establishing efficient symbiotic associations with pulses and leguminous plants.

Rhizobium,Azotobacter,Azospirillum and Phospho bacterial inoculants are generally applied on seed.Azotobacter inoculants are also recommended in some non-leguminous crops like tomato and potato.

Azospirillum inoculants like brand Azospi of IPL company are recommended in non-leguminous plants like oats and millets.ORGANIC (e.g. Azospirillium Bacteria,Rhizobium etc.) or CHEMICAL (e.g.Urea,CAN etc.) source is a matter of choice

Azolla,a free floating water fern,is another biofertilizer which contributes nitrogen to the crop.It's application not only improves soil physico-chemical properties but also fertilizer use efficiency.

Azolla has a high rate of biological nitrogen fixation as well as biomass production capability due to it's rapid growth.
P- Phosphorus is important in formation of starch,sugar and oil and development of roots,stem and seeds.Phosphatic fertilizers such as Di Ammonium Phosphate(DAP) is widely used

Phosphatic fertilizers such as Di Ammonium Phosphate DAP are widely used growing Potatoes and Wheat.


ORGANIC (e.g.Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria) source r also used.Phosphorus remains fixed in soil and is not available to plants.

Seed Inoculation with Phosphate solubilizing bacterial inoculant (PSB) like brand Phosphofix of IPL company,not only improves the availability of phosphorus from insoluble sources of phosphorus in soil but also enhances use efficiency of Phosphatic fertilizers such as Di Ammonium Phosphate.
ORGANIC (e.g.Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria) or CHEMICAL(e.g.SSP,DAP) source is a matter of choice

Muriate of Potash MOP is the most widely used potassium based chemical fertilizer.

'K'- Potassium improves Fruit quality improvement and reduction of diseases.ORGANIC (e.g.Potash Solubilizing Bacteria,Potash Activa of IPL company) or CHEMICAL(e.g.Muriate of Potash MOP) source is a matter of choice

Whole grains carry a lot of antioxidants. It also stabilizes blood sugar and prevent insulin spikes.Nowadays,multigrain flour ATTAs are also becoming popular among people and one may have to pay a price of Rs.500/- for 10 kg of Multigrain Atta consisting of barley JAU,amaranthus CHOLAI,maize MAKKA,sorghum JOWAR,chickpea CHANA,water chestnut SINGHARA,soybean and bajra.

Wheat is a good food for acne prevention. It’s an excellent source of B vitamins, which act as stress busters, as stress triggers acne for some people.ORGANIC FOOD including ORGANIC RICE and ORGANIC ATTA are gaining market share.

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CHILLI - Mirch

Pusa Jwala,Pusa Sadabahar and Arka Megahana are
good varieties of normal hot chilly.

Assam's Bhut Jolokia(KING chilly/Naga Bhut/GHOST CHILLI)-World's HOTTTEST Chiili -the pride of the North East.
Duniya kee sabse teekhi Mirch -ties with Trinidad Moruga Scorpion chilli.

The measurement of spicy heat of Bhut Jolokia(KING chilly/Naga Bhut/GHOST CHILLI) goes a level beyond imagination, 14,63,700 SHU on the chilli-heat meter.A chilli even when it is 2,50,000 SHU is known as hot by most Indian standards.Kashmiri Degi mirch measures only upto 2000 SHU.
Chilly ka SHU suna hai na !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scoville Heat Units(SHU) to measure SPICY HEAT of Chilli and it denotes the amount of capsicin present.Wilber Lincoln Scoville, an American pharmacist created Scoville Organoleptic Test that measured how many drops of sugar water were required to meet the heat of a Chilli. Nowadays,liquid Chromatography is used to conduct Scoville scale test

ONION- piyaz -KANDA - dungri red, yellow and white which one do u like more.NHRDF Red(left pic) for Rabi-winter sowing and AGRIFOUND red(right pic) for Kharif-summer sowing.

Diseases like purple blotch and insects like thrips should be taken care of.

Spray the crop with fungicide(organic or chemical) as soon as first symptom of purple blotch appears in the crop.Bunching onions or green onions, produce long, edible leaf stalks instead of bulbs.Pusa Soumya is a multicut variety.

Onion  and garlic are two important ingredient in gravy-curry of majority of Indian dishes cooked.Garlic may prove useful to those suffering from high blood pressure as it dilates our blood vessels,as a result blood pressure will be reduced.Garlic is one of the richest sources of antioxidants that help prevent and cure acne problems. It may show good  effect when eaten raw or added to salad.Retail price of Garlic Lahsun -Lassan in Delhi markets during mid May'14 reach upto Rs.150/-kg


Adrakh-GINGER-fresh normal green rhizome Retail price of ADRAKH with local SABZI WALA in Delhi @ Rs.200/-kg during last week of May'14

How about consuming your own home grown organic ginger with a spoon of honey for prevention of common cold n cough !!!!!!!! Ginger also helps the liver cleanse itself.

PIAZ-Onion,LAHSUN-Garlic and ADRAKH -Ginger are used extensively for gravy.These are added with various oils for frying vegetables.Try to use polyunsaturated oil (corn or sunflower oil) or monounsaturated oil (olive or rapeseed).Sunflower oil and Olive oil have zero cholesterol but they do contain fat.Cholesterol is a kind of fat which is not present in plant.So,plant based oils are cholesterol free.

How often do you eat sweets and enjoy soft cold drinks
Chocolates contain fat from butter and cocoa.Some brand mentioning their products as zero sugar may contain saccharine or aspartame which are harmful to our health.
Fizzy cold drinks are loaded with salt,aspartame and preservatives which may cause bloating.Fruit juice also contain too much of natural sugar which may damage our body.
Some food items and savouries may contain very high quantity of sodium,which is again bad for our health.Among drinks and juices coconut is always the choice of wise people.

Coconut water, fresh fruit juice and fresh lime water are good for our skin.Coconut water is good for those with "PITT dosh" related problems.According to Ayurveda,ether(space in our body or body organ where everything is believed to happen),air,fire,water and earth are five elements in our body.Sometimes these elements create ailmentswhich are known as "dosh".Coconut water balances excess pitta in the lever.
COCONUT WATER and SNOW BALL TENDER NUT after morning walk,use of COCOPEAT in Gardening,HAIR OIL after bath,KERNEL in PRASAD after Puja,virgin COCONUT oil,Milk,Vinegar,Jaggery,Powder,Cream,Copra,CHIPS , COCOCONUT CANDY, buiscuits and COIR MATRESS for bed..............aur KYA-KYA kaha jayen.......aap sab jaante hain.U know everything.

IMAGINE how many days in a year we DO NOT USE COCONUT...............


COCONUT nariyal Plant grown in POT in Balcony Gardening in DELHI for ORNAMENTAL purpose

Vegetable prices when remain stable for a longer period gives relief na !!!!! Potato price with some retailers in Delhi is still the same as they were 6 months ago

POTATO - Kufri Chipsona,Kufri Bahar,Kufri Pukhraj etc are popular.TAKE care in DISEASE management.Mancozeb 75 % WP-which brand r u using this year -Dithane M-45(Dow Agro);Indofil M-45; Crystal M-45; Sparsh(Biostadt); Macoban(MAgan); Hindustan M 45(HPM); Sinozeb(Sinochem).Mancozeb Flowable 35% SC (Liquid) - Flowin- HT(Indofil) ya HYDROMAN(Sulphur Mills) kaun sa use karne ka plan hai for preventive spray.

Carbendazim 12 % + Mancozeb 63 % WP – which brand r u using this year to have healthy potatoes-Companion(Indofil); SAAF(UPL);Sixer(Dhanuka); Stuff(HPM); Sure(Crystal); Bendaco(Biostadt);Care(Insecticide India); Polir(Sinochem).
Fruits and Vegetables prices shows great variations during various seasons of a year.

There is a significant decrease in prices of vegetables during it's peak production season.Otherwise,retail prices of vegetable like bottle gourd(lauki ghia) cost double during off sesaon. 


We can normally observe beginning of  decrease in vegetable prices in retail markets of delhi after September month.


Whenever we think of Indian food,one thing which appears in our minds is Haldi -Turmeric.

Haldi- turmeric powder,Chilli powder and masalas make our food complete in taste and easily digestible too.

Powdered roots after drying and curing are used in kitchen.
Turmeric helps detoxify and heal the liver and intestine.Fresh turmeric rhizomes are also eaten along with salads.This chewing brings relief to sore throat too.

Haldi enjoys the priviledge of being on top in the list of dadi ma ke gharelu health tips.

 It is not always necessary that we purchase fresh green turmeric from market.It can be grown in pots too.

NUTRITION basePlants 
Fruits whether fresh or dry have remained and will continue to act a natural source of nutrition supplement.Nowadays,various indigenous and exotic varieties of fruits are available.Some examples of fruits whose exotic varieties are commonly seen in markets are USA Pears,Washington Apples and California walnuts.

Walnuts AKHROT are good sources of minerals like zinc and selenium that promote the general health of the skin including acne and pimples.They also contain Alpha-linolenic Acid(ALA) which is a kind of Omega-3 fatty acid,similar to the omega-3 fatty acids that are in fish oils.Among plant sources one can also choose flax seed oil or canola oil for ALA.Human body cannot cannot assemble omega-3 fats,an essential fatty acid,from other fats present in our diet.Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) play an important role in muscle building and fat loss.

SHAKARKAND Sweet Potato - Ipomoea batatas is believed to have indirect role in prevention of heart attacks as it contains vitamin B6.
Besides, sweet potato which is a dicot plant from the Convolvulaceae family,yams are cultivated for the consumption of their starchytubers.True yams are starchier and drier and are monocots from the Dioscoreaceae family

Arrowroot -Maranta arundinacea powder is used to get relief in case of gastrointestinal ailments.It is also an excellent substitute for cornstarch and flour as a thickening agent in sauces, gravies, pie fillings, and puddings.Those patients who require a no protein diet can also eat foods prepared from arrowroot.

Tapioca is a starch extracted from the cassava (Manihot esculenta)  root and is used in culinary applications as a thickener and binding agent..It's...an..tuberous edible plant of the spurge family 

Protein and Carbohydrates are seen first to compare  the nutritional value of any food product.Carbohydrates build our body mass and protein are required for making dole -shole and other muscles.Besides this regular or intensive routine exercise is required for building our body and maintain the right shape.

KUTTU  KA  AATA, Singhara  ka  Aata, RAGI,Oats, RAJGIRA, Bajra, JOWAR, Samak, KEENWA BATHUA and BARLEY ------Dietician and NUTRITIONISTS know their worth

Oats - JAIEE-----------Source of Fibre
Ragi -MADDUA -NachnisEleusine coracanaRich in Calcium
Barley-JAOHorleum vulgareHelps in tackling Diabetes- Low Glycemic Index
Buckwheat - KUTTU AataFagopyrum esculentumProtein rich -Contains 8 Amino Acids
Quinoa - Keenwah BATHUChenopodium quinoaProtein rich -Contains all kinds of  Amino Acids
Rajgira/Chulai/RamdanaAmaranthus cruentusContains EAA Lysine and also Reduces Cholesterol
Bajra-Pearl Millet-----------Rich in Vitamins
Jowar-Sorghum-----------Rich in Vitamin B Complex
SWANK/Bhagar/SAMAK riceEchinochloa colonumRich in Vitamins
Singhara Aata - Water ChestnutTrapa natans var bispinosaRich in Cabohydrate 
Black Coffee during EXAMS !!!!!!!...........u too have tried this na !!!!!!!!!!

COFFEE Fruit - favorite among FITNESS Conscious people.........

this is true that COFFEE helps to remain slim up to some level.......but too much of it is also not good for health.

COFFEE after pizza !!!!! No not a cool idea na...........we normally prefer Non- Alcoholic cold drinks with these kinds of foods.

Sometimes, we enjoy alcoholic beverages while enjoying a party.Beer, wine, whiskey, vodka, rum, etc. are DEPRESSANTS,Good HEALTH and FITNESS is a STIMULATIVE process therefore both can not work together.

BARLEY and GRAPES contribute most as raw material for production of alcoholic drinks.

BARLEY known as JAU is used as nutritive plant and has spiritual significance too.

LOSAR village in SPITI valley on KAZA route.Barley varieties like BHS 380 (Pusa Losar) and BHS 352 (Himadri) grown in the Himalayan regions often yield between 2-2.5 Qtl/Bigha.
BARLEY is used for malting and the Malt extract is commonly used in the brewing of beer.

GRAPES whereas is first choice of wine industry.Australian wines like Jacob's Creek,Bass Phillip,Bindi and some other brands from Australian regions such as Mornington Peninsula(Ocean Eight),the Barossa Valley,near Adelaide  hills(Penfolds-Grange) or the Yarra valley (De Bortoli) are lesser known than the great wine regions of France like Bordeaux,Champagne,Burgunday and the Rhone valley.Sparkling wine Domaine Chandon from Australia is also popular.

Bordeaux is well known to most of fruit orchard owners in India as a fungicide Bordeaux Mixture and it's paste is hugely popular over here.During mid 1880s,Pierre-Marie-Alexis Millardet, a French botanist and then the Professor of Botany at Bordeaux University, one day,while walking the vineyards of Ducru-Beaucaillou in the Bordeaux region he noticed a curious thing that vines closest to the roads did not show downy mildew disease symptoms, while all other vines were affected. After inquiries, he found out those vines had been sprayed with a mixture of CuSO4 and lime to deter passersby from eating the grapes, since this treatment was both visible and bitter-tasting.This disease threatened to wipe out wine making in France in the 1860s – and with it would have set back oenology(the science and study of all aspects of wine and winemaking except vine-growing and grape-harvesting) for decades, maybe even centuries as the fungus spread.The mixture, now known as the “Bordeaux mixture” is well known as the first effective fungicide and this formula is widely used today also, all over the world.So,if you are having a glass of wine today, do raise the glass to Pierre-Marie-Alexis Millardet and his co-workers who made it possible.

Coming back to wines,New Zealand also has some good wines like Ata Rangi,Felton Road wines,Saint Clair and Villa Maria.When we think of United States,Napa Valley in California is known for good wines.Amarone, Barolo, Bunello di Montalcino, and Passito di Pantelleria are few names of Italian wines.Tuscany is the most famous of all Italian wine regions

Grapes can be eaten directly as table purpose,used for making wines and are dried to make raisins.Few examples in the category of table purpose are Red Globe,Thompson Seedless,California varieties,Manjari Naveen, while Pusa Navrang and Flame seedless varieties are good for Juice making process. 

Grapes for Champagne.....Chardonnay,Pinot Nair,Chenin blanc,Shiraz/Syrah are chosen ones.Mixing of Shiraz and Pinot Noir grapes make a delightful wine.Champagne is the region of France to which entire French Sparkling wine industry may owe all credits for making that industry global.Sparkling wine is prepared by two methods.
1.VAT process- Wine is prepared and fermented in large drums.
2.Traditional Method- this method is termed by French wine industry as Methode Champenoise.In this method sparkling wine is prepared by fermenting in individual bottles.
Traditional method is expensive than VAT process and possibly one of the reasons to determine price of Champagne wine.

Chandon (white/blanc/rose),Dom Perignon,Marquise de Pompadour,Grand crus,Chivas Regal,Scotch Royal Salute,Passport,Black Label,Glenlivet,Black Dog,Johny walker,Teacher or Blenders pride,Solan No 1,Black Knight,Red knight,Blended Whisky,Japanese Malt Whisky,Vodka,Agave Tequila,White Rum,Havana club Rum,Hendricks Gin..............all for u to enjoy.Also,KEEP IN MIND that ADDICTION is always harmful.Champagne,Scotch whisky or Beer should be consumed at your own health risk..

Cultlvation and After care of Grapes is an brain storming and painstaking achievement of humble farmers.When ever we see grapes,the first think which immediately strikes mind is wine.

Mainly Blanc(white) and Red(with Rose smell)  versions of wine are popular.Grape varieties like Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc are used make sweet white(Blanc ) wine,while on the other hand Red wine having Rose smell are made from Cabernet Sauvignon,Shiraz(Syrah) and Merlot varieties of grapes.

TEQUILA drink pasand karte hain aap !!!!!!!!

Agave tequilana, commonly called blue agave or tequila agave.This is used in the production of the distilled spirit Tequila.It is a distilled beverage made from an agave cultivar,found in Indian Mountains also, the blue agave plant primarily in the area surrounding the city of Tequila,65 km northwest of Guadalajara, and in the highlands of the western Mexican state. 
The world is full of food and one life may just not be enough to have tasted all flavors of Mediterranean,European(French,Italian),African,Mexican and Asian cuisine.

Algeria,Cyprus,Egypt,Israel,Jordan,Lebanon,Malta,Morocco,Palestine,Syria,Tunisia,Turkey,Libya,Spain,France,Monaco,Italy and Greece.........What comes into your mind whenever u hear name of these countries !!!!!!!!!!!!!  Of course,delicious food na !!!!!!!!!!!
Mediterranean cuisine and some Middle eastern cuisine(from Iraq and Kuwait) includes hummus,baba ganoush,falafel and many other dishes consisting of grilled fish, steak, lamb, chicken and vegetables are rich in delightful robust flavors.

European cuisine is incomplete without integration of French and Italian food.Croque-monsieur is a french staple fast food,delicious Croque-Madame, Magret de Canard,tartines and Chocolate mousse are few selections in French cuisine.
Pizzas,pizzas and risotto are universal names among Italian cuisine.Besides these on cannot resist from Pasta,Poached peaches and Poached Pears.

African region is famous for Ethiopian cuisine which consists of Injera(Ethiopia's classic spongy bread),doro wot chicken,beg wot mutton or lamb,minced meat(finely chopped meat mixed with spiced butter) and spicy split lentil dishes. 
Mexican cuisine is incomplete without beans, squash,capsicum chili peppers and maize.Tortillas, enchiladas, tamales, tacos etc are tastes to remember.
Asian cuisine from South East region of Asia is contributed by Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia ,Malaysia and Singapore.China, Korea and Japan add healthy dishes to North East Asian cuisine.The South West Asia is well known for its cuisine from India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
Korean cuisine is well known for kimchi (vegetables like cabbage, turnip, cucumbers and spring onions fermented in clay pots),soybean paste based soups,bingsu(finely broken ice chips topped with sweetened red bean porridge) and many other dishes consisting of beans.
Enjoy the food wherever you go but take care while consuming protein rich food.Protein is no doubt the body building component of our diet but excess protein leaches calcium out of the body.This situation may lead to osteoporosis and high BP.Leafy vegetables like spinach are rich in calcium so make them a part of your diet.
BIODIESEL plant with MEDICINAL properties

Jatropha biodiesel plant leaves are also used for dressing wounds,oil may be used as an organic insecticide.

Karanj (Pongamia pinnata) a bio-diesel plant,it's oil may also be used as medicine in skin diseases even like Psoriasis

The oil from Jatropha curcas is mainly converted into biodiesel.
Kullu - Manali in HIMACHAL ghoom aaye aap.MUMMY- a preserved dead body.The only MUMMY in India
I am fortunate to have visited this village while on a search for medicinal plants of the Himalayas in the trans-himalayan regions of India.This is in the one of the villages of Spiti (Himachal Pradesh).One has to reach village named Geu,approximately 10 km from Giu naala and connected with link road between Sumdo and Tabo, located near the Indo-Tibet border to see the naturally preserved unique Mummy, which is more than 500 years old and is an attraction for the visitors. The village Geu is situated at a height of approx 10,000 feet above the sea level. 
The mummy in the village is placed in a room constructed on a hilltop. It is believed that this mummy is of a Lama-Buddhist monk, who died at the age of around 45 years and was found in a sitting posture in the mudra of Samadhi.
S.Nolocal namegenuspart usedtreats
1atisaconitumdried rootscold
2churaangelica dried rootsheart
3ratanjotarnebiadried rootsblood
4phunkar burtseartimesiadried fruitsdeworming
5kala jeeracarumseed powderdigestion
6salampanjadactylorhizadried rootskidney
7somlataephedradried leavesliver
8jangli daturahyoscyamusseed powdertoothache
9manuinuladried rootsbody pain
10karoopicrorhizadried rootsfever
11bankakripodophyllumdried fruitsuterus
12artsorheumdried rootsconstipation
13kuthsaussureadried rootscough
Most of these are practised in "SWARIGPA"- Tibetan System of Medicine
  Meetha/Banwa (Aconitum balfourri); Ratanjot (Arnebia euchroma); Fankamal (Saussurea gossypiphora ); Atis (Aconitum heterophyllum) on left

Atis (Aconitum heterophyllum);Dolu (Rheum australe) and Salam Panja (Dactylorhiza hatagirea) on right.
Dhoop (Juniperus indica); Lhook-rhoo Karpoh (Pedicularis bicornuta); Shoma (Verbascum thapsus) n Somlata (Ephedra gerardiana)
 Shoh-rhoo Karpoh (Pedicularis verticillata);Dolu (Rheum australe); Choru(Angelica glauca);Lhook-rhoo Karpoh (Pedicularis bicornuta) 
Gentiana, Potentilla, Fragaria sp. above in pic;Artemesia silver leaves) and Hyssopus sp. are common Medicinal Plants found in the Himalayas.

SPITI (Himachal )

Delhi ( 239 m)

Manali (2050 m)


Kunzum la (14,800 ft/4,500 m).







KazaKaza (3686m)Kaza

Tabo Monastery



Hikkim(15,500 ft)






Kungri Monastery



Sagnam(PIN Valley)

Me in HIKKIM- The village with highest Post Office in the worldsituated in SPITI valley of Himachal Pradesh.Geographically Lahaul and Spiti is the largest district but the population density of this place is very low.The administrative headquarters of district consisting two valleys Lahaul and Spiti is located in KEYLONG in LAHAUL Valley

HIKKIM - The village with Highest Post Office in the World.
UTTARAKHAND earlier known as Uttaranchal
Gangotri is approachable by bus from Delhi.
After that one has to be on foot.Support is available - Horses and Porter.First base camp is Bhojwasa-14 kms from Gangotri.Tent accomodation and Dormitories are available.Thenext day one can move towards gomukh.On reaching gomukh glacier the base may be TAPOVAN.Approx 200 m height on the opposite side of Gomukh.Utmost care should be taken while crossing the Gomukh glacier when going to Tapovan,as there is a danger of slide and breaking of glacier. 
See the Gomukh Glacier splitting into two pieces while we were crossing for the other side of it to reach
Tapovan.Bhagirath,Split Gomukh,Gomukh and Tapovan make a magnificient view.
On the left of Gomukh tourists can see Bhagirath while on the right is Tapovan.
There are two huts in tapovan which lodging and fooding is availble on payment.
One hut is of Israeli Baba- A lady from Israel turned Hindu saint and settled there.
The other hut is of Bengali Baba,now his wife was managing.
Late Baba ,can be seen in photographs removing snow cover of his hut ,
with spade.in the photograph even during chilled winter of Himalayas ,
during the season when a normal tourist is seen in tons of woolen clothes,
while the bengali baba was in only Dhoti-the tranditonal dress of saints.
The power was believed to be because of the Yoga he practised
ACONITUM - This is the rarest plant myself was fortunate enough to locate few.
Aconitum heterophyllum
DACTYLORHIZA- A very potent medicine in practice.
Dactylorhiza                                                 Ephedra sp.
EPHEDRA-A plant very much in use for blood related ailments. 
UNIVERSALLY the name Ephedra is well known among WWE fans as a good FAT BURNER.
Piccrorhizha kurroa
PICRORHIZA-Kurro easily accesible throuh traders,difficullt to identify in its natural habitat.
2010 Photo of THE Nursery and Same Medicinal Plant sown and  FENCED by me and my colleagues when we working as an employee of a development organization during  2003-04
Same Nursery IN 2003 next day after fencing and sowing.Same Nursery IN 2004 soon after melting of snow.Same plants sown by us of Medicinal Value were seen till 2010.
One thing which attracted me most in Spiti is the only MUMMY in India.A place of worship for local people and tourists.This body is assumed to be more than 200 years old of an Lama- a Buddhist monk who was found in the mudra of Samadhi.
This is in the remotest village of Spiti  and is named GEU.On this route from KAZA to GEU we can visit TABO which one of the very famous and old monastries.
You can see black utensils in the pic of a home kitchen in Spiti.The intersting aspect is that these black utensils are made up of  PATHTHAR ,meaning "ROCK".These utensils keep the food hot more longer than utensils of other material.This ia a feature very apprecited in snowfall belts like this.
In the Cold Deserts of Himalayas one can come know about Snow Leopards and Ibex.
In Keylong,the headquarter of Lahaul and Spiti district one Hotel is also named Ibex.
In Keylong also one can see IBEX playing on the hills.The Keylong looks pretty green with full of lush green vegetation which turns milky white during winter.This change of colour is the real beauty of Lahaul and Spiti.The people are of very good and supportive nature.Children are shy everywhere.
The table where these three kids posed for me reminds of the day when Pooja Bhatt a famous female actor of Bollywood had her lunch here, some noodles and a chocolate bar on her way to shoot a movie called PAAP.All vehicles having a sticker of Fish Eye Network carrying.Besides Pooja Bhatt, i could not  recognise any body.Udita Goswami who was playing lead role in the movie,was accompanying her,whose name i could know after the move was released.
In Kaza there was a restaurant owned by a very humble Tibetan Lady where 3-4 members of PAAP movie team used to have some pastime often chatting with us. One day while sitting in the same restaurant talking to to those daily visitors of Fish Eye Network team One actor fatman from Australia,second who played the role of Lama Norbu in the movie.I was staring at third man for few second talking to the australian,exerting pressure on my mind where had i seen the third man.
Then after asking a colleague i cam to know that the man is Munir Makhija,very popular VJ on Channel  MTV anchor as Udham Singh.
It was published later in some newspaper that he and Pooja got married to each other a  few months after release of Paap movie.
There were several oppotunities to see these actors often shopping local artefacts and Tibetan ornaments.
Durind those days mobile phones did not worked in Kaza and there was only one STD PCO which was  the only option for any tourist therefore celebrities were often approachable. 
TRILOKNATH temple during snowfall.This temple is worshipped by Hindus and Budhists both.Situated in Lahaul district of Himachal Pradesh
Somesh Jha also offers Consultancy to Farmers
1.WHEAT GRASS juice - HEALTH benefits not INSURANCE in this form offered by many shops @ Rs.30/Day in Delhi
2. COTTON/Kapas/NARMA kee beemarion par bhee dhyan dein........diseases may reduce yield drastically
3. Jouna - DHAAN- Rice - PADDY ke khet KADDU - Puddling karne ke liya PANI to hai na
4.Mango-AAM- Kairy-CHAUSA,ALPHONSO(haafus),RITOL,ZARDALU,FAZRI,SAFEDA(banganapalli)............kuch bhee khaa legne aap par KEASR ka to apna maza hai
4.Banana- Kela- BODY BUILDERS aur GYM jaane waalon kee PEHLI pasand
5.APPLE Green Tip Stage - Spray of fungicides like Dodine
AGRO CONSULTANCY and Site Visit Services

2 Fertilizer and Pesticide recommendations
3 Advice in setting up of PESTICIDE Shops
4 Advice in FIELD ACTIVITIES with farmers
(Four telephonic advices of 10 mins each call duration per month)
FEES will be on MONTH basis.

FEES will be on PER visit basis.
1.FEES on per day basis ( 9 am to 5 pm )
2.Travel expense to and from Delhi as per actuals.
3.Lodging expenses as per actuals
3.For Visit Confirmation half fee payment in advance

On Call VISITS to farmers

MANGO Orchard Management
MANGO hopper,Mealy bug,Powdery mildew n Anthracnose...........DO THEY frighten u !!!!!!!!!!

MANGO Inflorescence - It's time for bloom to be at peak stage.AAM ke BOUR/Manjar ka khayal rakh rahe na !!!!!!!!!! 

PHOOL aur PHAL kee sankhya mein bahut JYADA ANTAR naa aane paye.MANGO management is on na !!!! MANGO MALFORMATION - Jhumka/Banjha ROG se bachane ke liye ANA,Propargite ya Crbenadazim+Mancozeb Combo !!!!!!!! KYA spray kiya aapne.

Kensington,Neelam,Bombay Green and various other.....................................kuch bhee khaa legne aap par KESAR ka to apna maza hai.

KESAR MANGO are highly priced during MANGO FESTIVALS in markets like DILLI HAAT
Langra(Banarasi) has a strong sweet flavor,while Gulab Khaas from Saharanpur has a scented smell.Chitla from Muzaffarnagar and Tukmi from Unnao are known for their ornamental appearance.
Amrapali,Anjbeen,Dushehri,Husn Ara and Angoor Dana are some popular mango varieties from Lucknow.

Out of more than 1000 varieties of mangoes grown in India,varieties namely Banganpalli(other names like Baneshan, Chappattai , Safeda),Dussheri,Chausa,Totapuri and Kesar mangoes can be easily found in local markets in Delhi.

हापूस आम one of the most expensive kinds of mango is Alphonso.Small and Large pieces of are packed in different kinds of mangoes boxes containing 6,12 or 24 pieces pack.Ratnagiri (or Konkan) hapoos are Alphonso mangoes from Devgadh, Vengurla, Vijaydurg, Rajapur, Purnagadh, Jaygadh, Anjanvel, Mandangadh, and Dabhol i.e. the coastal belt of Maharashtra

Other varieties like Alphonso,Kishen bhog,Gulab Khas,Husnara,Himasagar,Kensington and Amrapali may require some exercise in search.

Kinnaur Apple variety for Rs.100-140/kg were sold in retail markets of Delhi during Nov'14,Apple Red Delicious between Rs.170-190/kg and apple fuji between Rs.200-220/kg, while Shimla variety for Rs.80-100/kg.
Golden Delicious Apple variety is really juicy.How many boxes of apples (approx.20 kg) did u sell this year in local market and how many in distant markets like Delhi, Bengaluru or Ahmedabad ...............Easy accessibility, transparency and control over bid, lesser fare, nominal labour charges, no need of permanent and attractive packaging and above all the facility of getting cash on the same day.........THIS is all a Grower/FARMER expects na !!!!!!!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is not the kind of apple talked about to keep the doctor away.. Lets have a look at some healthy apples.

Oblate shaped,medium sized AMERICAN TREL apple 

variety is sweet


AMBRI KASHMIRI is the most popular apple in Kashmir region

White Dotted Red MAHARAJI variety of Apple 


Royal Delicious variety is truly royal

RED DELICIOUS apple variety is world renowned and most widely grown cultivar


Cherry Apple(a pollinator),Royal Delicious,Vance Delicious,Red Chief,Scarlet Gala,Red Delicious....which one would u like to..enjoy

Yes, these are the ones which keep us healthy.What makes them good and healthy apples let's find out.
WEEDS - not only compete with our plants and cultivations,but also harbor several other PESTS and PATHOGENS



MANAGEMENT of Insects Pests
What did u spray this season in Apple Orchard to prevent from Insect attack -Hexythiazox e.g.Maiden(Biostadt)or Fenpyroximate e.g.Sedna(Tata Rallis) or Fenzaquin e.g.Magister(Du Pont)
MANAGEMENT of Diseases in Orchard
What did u spray this season in Apple Orchard to prevent from diseases -Pyraclostrobin+Metiram combo e.g.Cabrio Top (BASF); Zineb+Hexaconazole Combo e.g.Avtar(Indofil) or Kresoxim Methyl e.g. Ergon(Tata Rallis) 
Therefore,an apple a day keeps the doctor away lies true only when the apple itself is healthy. 
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